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Boss's around Orlando

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Hey Shawn, right down the street in Whispering Winds...Markham Woods Road.
2013 GHIG as well. Just looking to see if there is a hangout in our area or maybe a place to run these cars.


I didn't want to temp the Officer, they get crazy at bars, haha. I'm game for most as long as I get a good lead time. The bars in O town are not verygood though. So I would suggest we go to Cocoa Beach. I'm 95% certain I will be at PBIR 6/15 with Performance Driving Group if any of you are interested in HPDE. I just need to have UPS drop off some things.


Time to stop F'n around central FL. and time to get a Boss/Mustang meet together!


Let's get a meet going for this weekend 7/27-28. I'm not a fan of Old Town however.
1st Saturday of every month the Steak & Shake (Gators next door) in Lake Mary has a local car show. Always a few old muscle cars as well as new ones. Camaros, Challengers etc. I'm sure they rotate around town. Might be a start.


chefron50 said:
I'm open,someone pick out a place to meet. Sat. night works out best for me.......Ron

This sounds good to me as well, i'm in Titusville.


Patrick said:
I up for anything but if no one has a better idea, let's do Lake Mary 8-3 @ about 6:30.

No can do on 8/3, but you guys get these meets going. I want to have a group of Boss owners to hang with when I get back.

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