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Brake Whine!?!?

Hey guys,

Short and sweet. What are your experiences with the factory brake setup on our Boss Mustangs? I am getting a high pitched squeal that only comes when I depress the pedal a decent amount and it's completely random. Some days it's almost every time I brake and others hardly at all.

I know Brembos are infamous for squeaking. Could the ceramic pads be the culprit?

Just don't want to take it in to the Stealership if I don't need to and appreciate your all's input!
Probably some brake dust buildup. If it's really bothering you and you don't want to take it in to the dealer, take the wheel off and spray it down with brake cleaner. It would be better if you remove the pads and clean the backing plates and apply some brake lubricant while at it.
But brake squeal doesn't bother me anymore, and it shouldn't to bother you as well! :p
I have ceramic pads too and was getting some squealing too... I started with the rear and put silicone paste where the pads touch the brackets, sprayed some "Brake Quiet" on the back of the pad and cleaned up the rotor with brake cleaner.. So far it seems to have helped... couldn't tell if it was coming from the rear or the front, but could have sworn it was coming from the rear.. so far so good. I will probably do the same for the fronts next weekend when I have time..

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