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Canadians: How much did you pay for your Boss 302?

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VRYALT3R3D said:
I found a few Boss 302s near me that are still brand new and unsold. With x-plan my price is $49k. Is there more room on the price? How much did you pay if you purchased your Boss 302 recently?


That is about the best price I have ever seen in Canada provided it has both options. Option 1/ Recaro Seats and Torsen Diff. Option 2/ Car Cover and Floor Mats.
The X-Plan price for the Boss 302 I was looking at is $49,390. It has both options.

This one:

Is there more room in the price? They have been sitting on this car for over a year so I am sure they want to get rid of it off their floorplan. When did you pick up your Boss 302?
302BOB said:
Offer them $48K....why did you sell the LS?
I sold it to buy a Corvette..ended up not buying one since they failed to disclose the damage on the car to me. It was brand new, too. If I had the garage space, I would have kept the LS and bought a Corvette.

RoushF150 said:
The one at Leslie is plated?? Someone driving it? How many miles on it? The idea of making an offer makes sense. You could also ask them to include the Trackey for free.
Wow. I can't believe I didn't notice that. I will call them up later today and ask about it.
Not sure how relevant this is...
Bought a 2012 with 7k on the odometer for 39.
This was with recaro/torsen/car cover/floor mats & track key
I was quoted $46,000 for a 2013 in July from a dealer in Ontario and talked to a guy who paid $46,000 plus tax for his in April of this year from a dealer in the GTA. I would go in with $46,000 and remember this car is costing him to keep it for the last couple of years.

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