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Car you wish you still had

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This one of two cars I wish I still had. This thing was so fun to drive.
351C with 12.5:1 pistons, Crane Fireball cam, 780 Holley, competition Automatic, 4.86:1 gears and it would flat out fly. LOL.



killer burnout shot. 8)


2012 500A #1626
'83 Nissan 280ZX Turbo Special Edition. I had no idea it was a SE at the time (I was 16-17). Very rare now. Digital dash, talking lady, silver leather, glass T-tops, auto, turbo... was damn quick in the mid-80's and would have decent potential today.

'55 Chevy Bel Air 2-door Hardtop with 468ciBB/TH400. Looked like this one. Selling it gave me the money that would eventually be rolled into the Boss 302, so hard to regret selling it too much.

'97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. AWD, Turbo and modified to about 350HP, this thing was a local legend (from a dig) until the EVOs began being sold in the US. NOT ME in the pic! ;)

'05 Infiniti G35 6MT Sport. Headers, exhaust, intake, NISMO JDM front & rear, DS grille delete. I don't regret selling it, but it was a nice driver.
67 cougar xr-7, first car I ever owned, bought it from my dad when i was 15, donated to my high school auto shop when i graduated. Really wish I still had it!!!
Wish I could have kept my '04 Cobra vert...but only a one car garage and didn't have the heart to let her sit in the driveway and keep the Boss in the garage, so I sold her :'(.


Old and new...



Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Rick nice 300ZX I wanted one so bad when I was in high school.

I ended up getting a 90 rx7 GXL I loved that car. Totaled it and a year later bought a 91 RX7 Turbo II it was even better :)

I will have to see if I can dig up some pics


Mustang owner since 84
Wish I didn't give up on my 1969 Mach1 I was restoring, got it nearly finished and gave up after couldn't get fuel to carb (3bad fuel pumps) brand new that were junk, I removed timing chain cover thinking the essentric was messed up.a3eme7eg.jpg
I guess I'm real old school but I dug a 56 Chevy 2 door wagon out of my neighbors' yard in high school for 50 bucks. I had the 327 engine block sitting in my bedroom because I didn't have a garage, that's the first car I ever built top to bottom. 327 .030 off road Z28 cam, I ported the heads, 2 Carter AFB 4 bbl carbs, muncie 4 speed and 5.13 gears in a "service package" 12 bolt. The car never got out of brown primer and the wheels never matched, but at 3800 pounds it still ran 13.90s (all motor) on street tires. That car fooled a lot of people back in 1974.
I was nineteen and I bought a 1971 Cougar XR7. It was special ordered, fully loaded leather interior, power windows, vinyl top, 351 Cleveland, posi traction, 4 speed with the great Hurst T shifter. A real sleeper.
1996 lexus sc300. few engine mods.

Was planning on turning this into a "super sleeper" with toyota supra 2jz engine and manual trans. What was nice was all the luxury for the day and how the lines on the car looked so sexy. such a nice car to take a road trip in.

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