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CAT deletes?

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So, I have been listening to some BOSS's on YouTube that has CAT Deletes. They sound really good and it seems to enhance the Lopey Idle as well.

So are they worth it? I have Borla ATAK axel backs on my BOSS currently and it sounds great, especially under throttle.

Are CAT Deletes something I can add to my setup without tuning the car? I have the TrackKey tune installed from Ford and do not want to mess that up or void the factory warranty. (Currently 1,850 miles on the car).

Any Insight would be great!
rpm3dinc said:
So are they worth it?

Not trying to sound like an ass, so don't take this wrong. If you are even asking that question it is not worth doing. Removing the cats is normally for a specific reason, mostly for off road use. Cats do serve a meaningful purpose and taking them off just to sound cool is not the best idea. Yes on a tune which will throw your warranty out the window along with the track key tune.
Yes taking the CAT's out is cool. Do it if you want to. Just remember there are local emission laws and you dont want to spend money on cat-less and then have to get the car emission tested. In canada new cars dont need emission testing for 7 years, so I am doing it. And yes, I am doing it b/c I think its bad ass. I love the sound and the fumes =D, and any power gain (if any) will be a bonus.

Also, we should be careful when throwing the word warranty around. Ford must prove your tune led to your failure. Yes you will lose the trackey tune, but I dont really see the benefit of keeping the trackey. It was fun while it lasted, but going to a new tune isnt a sin. There are more aggressive race tunes out there, and if your really modding the car or tracking the car and using race fuel, then your going to re-tune anyway. Plus, if your really missing the trackey and want to go back to stock, then you just replace the parts and give the 2 hours of labour to your local SVT dealer to get the trackey back.
Yep, the fact that this car makes the kind of power it does with the cats makes it very impressive indeed and almost makes the original muscle cars/ponycars seem like toys...with all due respect of course! I dont think people realize how fast these modern cars are....we are spoiled because of the superior tires/suspension and brakes...the original ones required skill to drive and were a handful.
For off road use, your cat delete idea would require a custom tune...for the street leave them on your already potent Boss!


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I just got rid of the cats on my boss using this kit
havent started it yet but I am running a AED tune and he turns off the rear sensors in all his tunes. Its worth a little bit of power. I am going this route till I get the money for long tube headers and mid pipe. When I swapped the clutch in my car I broke a stud off the cat and have been borrowing one from my friend but he is moving soon and I had to give it back to him.

I had the was "neat" my AED tune is awesome. only thing I miss is the crackle on decel which I lost anyway when I swapped to maganflow comp cat back.

And if you want to go back to the trackey. you simply put the stock parts back on the car and using your handheld tuner select return to stock and like magic the red key is back to being a full blown trackey.
I've had the same question. Some people say the car will run fine with the deletes except that your dash will light up. Appartenly, that's what's happening with guys who are using long tubes on their tracked Boss's using trak key.

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