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Continental Tire/Grand Am Daytona test session

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Anybody planning on attending the Continental Tire/Grand Am test sessions in Daytona on January 7th? I'll be there, and was wondering if anybody else will be. It would be great to meet others and hang out with other Boss owners. My Boss will not be there, but I am trying to organize a Boss 302R walk through with Mark Wilson if we can get a group together.

I'll be there all day.
Boss_302 said:
My son and I will be there Saturday the 7th, I'm also attending the Grand Am 200 on the 27th.

Great! I am arranging a meet-up for 1 PM if you're interested.

One last bump. I'll be checking this later tonight. If anybody else is interested, send me a PM and I"ll provide my cell # so we can meet up tomorrow.
Looking at the lap times so far, I think this track favors the M3. That said, Jack Roush Jr had the fastest lap this morning (by a whopping .005 sec). We need some more Boss 302s in the top ten though.
Too bad some more of the FL people did not make it to Daytona today :( It was a perfect day again, Mark Wilson is a fantastic person who really loves what he does. You would think he would get sick of showing people around and answering non-stop questions but it just makes him want to share more with other enthusiasts.

We ended up seeing some of the faces from my track attack class Joe, Gunner and Charlie. Charlie Putman is as nice as it gets, he spent over 30 minutes taking to us after he remember me from the school. He was very happy to hear my story about how much I appreciated his instruction and how much time I took off the very next day. He really loves hanging with fans and people that want to learn the sport. You can buy a car that cost 3X as much as a Boss and never get 10% of this treatment.

Just before I left I started to talk a bunch of guys with a 302R team. I had no idea who they were. They were joking around having a good time, like it should be I guess (see picture). Turns out it was Dean Martin and the Rehagen Racing team, again another group of guys that were willing to show off the car and answer questions. I asked Dean to join us here and I hope he will, he has lots to offer us in not only racing stuff but knowledge. I think I will be doing business with them in the future ;D

If Grand-Am is rolling into your town and you have a chance to meet with Mr. Wilson don't pass it up!


Well, I just go back from Daytona, met up with Scott and Dan, great guys!

Now what was up!

Mark Wilson, Engineering Manager for Ford Racing gave us about one and a half hours of his time to give us a tour of the Boss 302R and an extended Q&A.

More on that latter................

We also got to meet Jack Roush.


From left to right, Scott (2012YellowBoss), Jack (Mr Roush to y’all!), Me and Dan (Berol)

Now just a quick note.....

After meeting with Mark I went back out to the RWR Racing garage and watched them get their car ready.......

Now I'm not a NASCAR guy so at the time I didn't know I was talking with Jeff Earnhardt, he played the awe/shucks we're just a bunch of o'l NASCAR boys.................

Talking with him I found out their car a new build "Boss 302" finished about three days before the Roar (so new the cage isn't even painted yet) for the GT class in Grand Am.

It weighs in at about 2700 lbs and is of course powered by a Boss 302 which according to
Mark Wilson is just like the street Boss, but Jeff related no it's a little hotter.............500 HP and 400 LBs of torque.......

Is it competitive? Well……

Times from the Grand Am site;

Fastest car in the GT class was the Risi Competizione Ferrari 458 with a 1:49.414

The RWR Boss 302 ran a fastest lap of 1:51:206

So here’s to hoping they can find 1.8 seconds………….

Here's a few pictures but go all the way down and check out the short video of the car firing up and heading out onto track.

It sure doesn't sound like a road race car......more like a Cup car!

Make sure you turn the speakers up all the way!




Nice to see a Boss 302 running in the GT class. That car must have gone on a serious diet because I thought the R was approximately 3,200+ pounds the the S another hundred + pounds more. Any idea what they did to lose the weight? That car is loud but I don't think it's as loud as the RX8's that run in that class.
5 DOT 0 said:
Any idea what they did to lose the weight?

That was the first car I saw when I entered the garage, the guys saw me looking and invited me in to see and talk about the car. I guess I spoke with the same gentlemen as you. I was asking some questions about the way the car was built/setup and rules. He keep saying we are just NASCAR guys and was not sure since they have been doing this only a couple of days.

One of the reasons the car was so light is that is that it was custom built from the ground up as a Boss. In the engine compartment the only thing up front was a homemade airbox from the grille going straight straight into the intake (look at the grille). Behind the splitter on the outside of the car it was hollow, nothing there from the front facade all the way back. The front brake duct tubes was about a foot long, the intake was just about under the lower control arm.

Anyway good eye Doug as that was a very interesting car but when I saw it my camera was forgotten in the truck.
Just a reminder, Mark told me he would be available for a Boss 302 tour on the 27Th - Grand-Am race. I'm sure more details will be posted. It's a $995 value completely free ;D
smittytx said:
Hmmm... giving some serious thought to blowing off my first NASA event and going to Daytona on the 26h and 27th.
That is a tough one, no advise available there, go racing or watch what we all dream of doing? There is always Homestead in a few months, but then again that is not Daytona.

5 DOT 0 said:
Is that a staggered setup on this car? :eek:
When I was bothering them they were welding in the rear, I never did look at the tires. There is about three years worth of stuff to look at there between the Rolex and Grand-Am side. I wanted to meet and see all the Boss teams but did not have the time, Miller is also fielding a team and it had a big "Boss Track Attack" logo on the side of the trailer. I was unable to meet up them, I really wanted to see their setup :(
5 DOT 0 said:
Mark can you add any insight between the GT and GS cars? How much faster around Daytona is the GT car compared to the GS car?

Fastest car in the GT class for session 8 was the Extreme Speed Motorsports / Ferrari 458, 1:49.337 - 117.215 average speed.

Fastest car in the GS class for session 6 was the Fall-Line Motorsports / BMW M3 Coupe , 1:57.612 - 108.968 average speed.

So a Rolex GT car is about 8.3 seconds and 8.3 MPH faster than a Continental GS class car.
Mega thanks to Mark Wilson. I had a great time!

I won't be there for the race, but if anybody has the opportunity to meet Mark Wilson, do so.

Scott, Doug- It was great to meet you two as well. Hopefully I'll see you both at some track events in the near future.

5 DOT 0 said:
Nice to see a Boss 302 running in the GT class. That car must have gone on a serious diet because I thought the R was approximately 3,200+ pounds the the S another hundred + pounds more. Any idea what they did to lose the weight? That car is loud but I don't think it's as loud as the RX8's that run in that class.

If the GT class Boss 302 is like most GT class cars now, it didn't start Its life as a street car. Most likely it is a purpose built tube chassis race car with a Boss looking skin. It is still cool that a "Boss" will be running in the GT class. Let hope they can get it sorted so it is competitive.

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