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Daytona Road Course Audi Club

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BOSS LS #469
Hey Scott
I guess you didn't need much instruction around Daytona. Sorry for not showing you the line I'm sure you could have gone even quicker. I'm still impressed with your driving you make all of us Boss drivers proud. Keep posting your videos they are great. This is one of my videos on Sunday just to busy with students to get any real track time. You know we were short on instructors.

It's all good, had a great time. I think there were three other cars in group four that headed out solo the first session. If the vids could show the fear my first session they would be hard to watch :eek: I never did figure out turn 6 and that cost me time but since it is not a track we will run much it really does not matter. I think turn 4 was the most fun on the infield, I was able to carry some speed through there if I setup correctly.

I know I was bouncing around the pits all day like I was high on crack waiting to head back out. I don't know how Ladyboss put up with that all day ;D I did not see you at the end but after the third session I looked at the gas, it said about 3/4 so I dumped a 5 gallon can in and it read 7/8. Later when I got to the pits it was reading 1/2, still I thought that would be OK but 23 minutes in and coming off turn two the car started sputtering and I had to call it quits. That is not the first time the gauge lied on track but I have yet to learn ::)

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