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Differences between the LS and standard Boss

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I am sure that this has been covered many times. However, I have done several searches and can not find a post listing all of the differences. I am looking for the Ford part numbers if possible for the suspension pieces.

Also, I am new to the forum. My name is Will. I traded my 2012 GT500 for a 2012 Boss 302 a few weeks ago. While I liked the Shelby I never really felt connected to it. The suspension and steering always felt a bit numb.

The Boss is much more fun to drive and transmits more information. Though the Boss's shifter is a bit vague, it is much better than the Shelby's. It is impossible to shift quickly from 1 to 2 at high RPM in the GT500 without grinding gears. All to often a 3 to 4 shift ended up as a 3 to 2 shift (not fun).


Welcome to the forums! You will find lots of knowledgeable and friendly people here. There might be details I'm missing (I bought the base model), but I found this:

Rapid Spec - Laguna Seca - $6,995
Alloy wheels: 19"x 9.0", alloy wheels: 19"x 10.0"; Front and rear summer tires; Red pedestal spoiler; Gauge pack (engine temp, oil pressure and dynamic performance gauge); Gauge; Seating: two passengers; Rear cross car X-brace; Front driver seat and Front passenger seat: : Recaro; Front brake cooling ducts (installation required); Front air splitter (installation required); 3.730:1 axle ratio; Unique rear springs and stabilizer bar; Rear limited-slip differential; TORSEN helical differential; Excludes: [947] Recaro Cloth Sport Seats & Torsen Differential

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There is a thread buried here somewhere with the differences stated. The main difference is the suspension which is optimized for the R comp tires. The engines are identical.

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