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Does the Boss deserve its name?! (Or a marketing hype?)

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
As an absolute Novice track driver (Only BTA and one weekend on the track) I was easily passing a lot of imports with tricked out wings and fart cans. I think the Boss is just right and also being old I think it does a good job of representing the original Boss.

This is a good read from 5.0 Mag 8/11 on the development of the Boss. I think the article gives us a real insight to the development of the new Boss.
Tulsa, OK
In a word, yes. :)

It's hard to beat the value of the Boss. And it's even harder to beat the value of a base model brembo GT. And the performance on the track is just killer for both cars.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
And how is that any different from the original 1969/1970 cars? It was and is all in the engine. There are a few BMO members that own both a 5.0 and BOSS so let's see what they have to say. Grant? ;)

One word: Yes. And yes, to me, most of the value IS in the engine. But even considering the wildest builds, the Boss is a better place to start modding from, assuming you have the Drew-sized cojones to take on such a project. ;)

Anyway, there are reasons why I'm looking for a 2nd Boss and not a 2nd GT. I think that's proof enough.

13Boss#3328 said:
I am going to play the devil's advocate

I don't feel that Ford treated the Boss 302 that special compared to Mustang GT:

Same platform ( Boss suspension is tighter)
So you'd have them tool a whole new platform for an 8,000 unit run? Now you're talking a six figure MSRP. No thanks.
Same weight ( they could've thrown some aluminum in it)
I agree to some extent. Sure, I would have loved aluminum or 'glass fenders, but in the event of a fender bender, I'd hate to see the replacement cost if you needed them. We already got an aluminum hood stock.
Same transmission
Mostly. A year of development and a new/different clutch didn't net us much except for more potential issues than the GTs.
Same rear end, come on guys, you could've put some watts link or whatever...I don't think it was so difficult
That shouldn't have been too much to ask of Ford...but it seems to me that they didn't want to even upgrade the panhard bar for a lowered suspension. It is my suspicion that the rear stayed the same height for the added costs to lower the car and for aerodynamic benefit with the stock rake. That's JMO...
19 inch heavy wheels is also a negative point
Agreed, but stock wheels need to meet high strength and durability standards...I doubt racing wheels would make the cut without adding significant cost. I'd rather have the choice via aftermarket.
With all honesty, apart from hot rodding the 5.0 engine, I don't think the Boss 302 is any better than Mustang GT 5.0 ( GT 302) in case you plan to modify, which we almost all do it ( obviously not stock to stock)
You're not even clarifying a base GT vs. a Brembo or Track Pack car. Either of those a quite a bit ahead of a base GT. If you drove the two stock back-to-back I think you'd change your statement. What you get with a stock Boss *IS* fine tuned as-is. And no disrespect to any of the modded-engine GTs...but no modded engine can provide the same warrantee or reliability testing...and that alone is a huge difference that is difficult to exclude from comparison. That extra 500 RPM with factory durability testing is absolutely worth the extra coin on-track and off.
Think about:
Almost all of us track people are already upgrading the suspension system heavily in the Boss

Trying to cut down on the car weight

Trying to find solutions for the bad shifting mechanism

Dealing with engine overheating by installing a bigger radiator, oil cooler...etc

Come on now, Mustang GT can get modified and get same or better results.
Can, but at that level, most of those GTs are close to the level of Boss 302S modification anyway. Spend enough, and it doesn't matter where you started. You might as well argue that we all should have started with Body in whites...
Yes, if they made the Boss 302, I really dreamed about, it would've been more expensive, but I would happily accept a crappy interior to balance out the cost.
They did. It's called a Boss 302S...or R...I forget ;) But you were talking a separate you really wanted an updated Ford GT, right?
Does this make sense? Or I am just trying to convince myself that I am a good driver, while in fact I suck at driving?! Lol

Don't hate me

No hate here...but maybe you need a little more introspective look if you still think you needed more from a $40k car. Post a video of your driving and I'd be more than willing to critique from my amateur point of view. 8)
I drive around, in town and out, I have no dought, but as I travel and
see the bow ties, goat heads, and go fast wannabees, my boss and I can only think FOOD FOOD, WE MUST EAT, but no one comes to challenge yet. We laugh alot, they shake, most boss owners agree we choose BOSS
gthig1359 out


Life is short. Live well!
Went to my local Chevy dealer today to check out the new Stingray. Parked up front, two salesmen outside, one met me at my car, "how can I help you". Went inside, looked over the new Vette (it does look better in person), chatted for a while and said thank you much for your help. Went outside, at least eight salesmen checking out the Boss, all smiling. Gave it a little extra throttle out the open side pipes so they could hear a real V8.
Fomoco302 said:
Went to my local Chevy dealer today to check out the new Stingray. Parked up front, two salesmen outside, one met me at my car, "how can I help you". Went inside, looked over the new Vette (it does look better in person), chatted for a while and said thank you much for your help. Went outside, at least eight salesmen checking out the Boss, all smiling. Gave it a little extra throttle out the open side pipes so they could hear a real V8.

Hope it was a track key, disks out demo
I am really happy with your comments.
By the way I already read the Boss book at Barnes and Nobles even before receiving the boss owner kit.

This post was not necessarily about gt vs boss, in fact it was typed while I was at the track ( Waterford Hills raceway in Michigan) which is very tight and technical track where civic si, neons and miata passed me all day long, so I was frustrated lol. :-[

But I myself forgot that my Boss is running on stock tires ( everything stock apart from MM c/c plate) and my driving skills are limited and they were more experienced drivers driving heavily modified race prepped cars on slicks.

However I still believe Ford could have made the Boss a little lighter, just my opinion.

I am sure when I improve my driving skills, get stickier tires and better suspensions I can enjoy the car more at the track ;D
When I did my first HPDE all things were somewhat equal with the exception of the car. I could nit pick all day long but it all comes down to bang for the buck. That's what we got. If you can find a car that has all the bug's worked out and only minimal amount of tweaking from the owner then you have found a winner ( good luck with finding a soul mate if you don't have one ). They gave us a platform to work with that is above a beyond the standard that you'll find out there now. I agree that the tranny and clutch could be better but what are you willing to give up to recoup that at this price? I'm content with what they gave us. A couple of mods here and there make's it fun and personalizes the car to your liking. The base platform gave me a an edge out of the box and something to build on, it wasn't low end, but it is the pinnacle as far as Mustangs go. Should have, could have, would have's lie in the 302s and 302r. We bought a contender from the dealer that's street legal pavement burner/ corner carver that competes with a Corvette. This would have been unheard of 10 years ago. My 2cents.
My 2013 Boss is my 10th mustang. My first was a 69 I inherited in 79. I've owned Mach 1's, Blown GT's, Cobras, and a Terminator. My 2013 is the Boss!!! It's the best mustang I've ever driven. Of course it can be improved by a shifter but so could every other mustang built. Ford did a great job with this car. I hope they build another Boss 429.
Here's why I love my Boss.
I really wanted a Shelby for a long time. Then it dawned on me while shopping for a 13-14 Shelby. I seen a lot of 12's for sale. Hmmm... Who the heck is going to pay a decent price for a 550hp 12 when you can get a 13 or 14 with 662hp? It's a dumb investment. You see, then next Shelby, Saleen, GT etc. will be out next year and it's always better in some way. Well, in 10 years from now, there won't be many Boss's on the road or for sale. But when they do go up for sale the Collectability of the Boss is fantastic. 50-60,000 mustangs produced each year. So if you want a toy and have no disregard for your money or investment, then buy the penny stock. I'm not looking to get rich, but if I had a chance to get a 69 or 70 Boss and missed it back then, I'd regret that for a long, long time. So I knew I couldn't miss this chance to snatch up a rare numbered car as special as the Boss. The 12 and 13 GT will be like the 2000 GT is today. About $4500 bucks for a fair used car. That's the big difference for me. The feeling of having that sweet rare car hidden in my Garage and takin out for a spin on sunny days with much conversation for years to come.

Ok, lol, enough of that :p Just my opinion.

Does the new Boss deserve it's name? ABSOLUTELY!!! I don't even have one but Ford did it right in making it only a two year run. Conversely, if they were still making them and it ended up being a ten year run, then no.. it'll just be another Mustang 20 years from now. WHY they couldn't have provided a better shifter still amazes me when you consider that 43 years ago they were using a Hurst. Maybe they felt the only way to really replicate the old one was to give the new Boss guys some vexing issue like we had to contend with 40 years ago when it was weak pistons that cracked. I went through about 20 pistons during 5 rebuilds between 71 and 74, when I finally parked the Boss in my grandfathers barn for a 15 year nap.

Regarding the new Shelbys, I think the 13/14 GT500's ARE the next Boss 429's and that's why I ate 11K in depreciation and traded my 1400 mile 2012 500 in on a new 14 with 662 HP. I figured 20 years from now the 07-12 500's would just all be used Mustangs. The 13/14, however, another two year run car, with 662 HP is the most amazing thing I have ever driven as you just can't believe the difference in 550 HP as opposed to 662. My belief is that 20 years from now I'll get that 11K back I lost in depreciation when the day finally comes to sell. My 2 cents...
When I was a kid, I was dreaming about owning a BOSS and a SHELBY.
Those names really meant a lot to me.
I was reading and watching all the Trans Am stuff...Parnelli, Folmer...
I read all about Shelby, his life, his cars, etc...

I remember the presentation of the 2005 Mustang concept. I was so excited!
And after that even GT500's and BOSS'es came along!
FORD made it possible to buy new and true reincarnations of these icons.
I am grateful for that and so are thousands!

What a great marketing success, but what joy for so many of us as well!
I am aware of their limitations, I know they are somewhat in between their ancestors and the high tech machines out there on the roads but they are what I like and I accept their flaws. Consider their price too! What more could you expect?
Their engines are more than capable; their chassis is derived from a mass production, low cost platform, just like the “old” ones. They are great cars!

I had a C6 Z06 until last year and the engine blew...It happens (!) they have a bad series of cylinder heads which drop their valves...Ooops! And that car was close to 100K...
Anyone manufacturing anything is subject to having problems and mishaps.
FORD did a great job with the S197.
FWIW, the Boss is not "just" a motor with a tighter suspension. There are a lot of tiny details that went into the chassis and motor to make it track prepared. And this is the key thing -- "track prepared". Try finding a car with a similar budget which is just as ready for the track as the Boss is. Other cars will oil starve, even fuel starve, and some are even known to rip trailing arms off the frame (see bmw). This thing can take brake ducts and still allow full lock to lock steering (though ok - so can the GT), which is a huge plus compared to other cars in the same weight range... but other things that were not mentioned:

Hardened front strut mounts to reduce camber deflection
A fully re-calibrated electronic steering rack for track use
Re-calibrated ABS, TCS and stability control to kick in much latter and allow for higher limits
Low expansion brake lines - 30% less expansion over stock
Radiator baffling and sealing - air entering the grill only hits the rad!
Hardened bushings throughout
Baffled oil pan
Oil-to-water oil cooler.
Boss specific gear ratios
Boss specific pads
Custom valved Tokico illuminas

Oh, I should also add some choice words from Jack Baruth & Randy Pobst:

"This is, beyond the shadow of a doubt the most neutral-handling street car I've ever driven on a track."

"The way it comes off the second-gear hairpin, I cannot believe the way it hooks up. They musta had, like, John Force doing the drag racing setup, because I virtually couldn't knock it just digs outta there. I'd love to know how they got it to hook up like that. It puts power down so well. Extremely well-balanced car."

"Handles better than a Porsche Cayman".
Yes, I think so and I believe so!
Couple things.......put the '12/'13 against 68/69 Boss 302, 69/70 Boss 429 and '71 boss 351 and see what car wins most performance categories not trying to take anything away from the originals. Also I would like to see a '12/'13 Boss 302 and or Laguna Seca take on a real/vintage Trans Am Boss 302 car....oooh, oh no he didn't, and see the outcome. Kinda like nostalgia meets modern-day battle.

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