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DSC Sport Controller


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Las Vegas
I just received my DSC Sport Controller V4 and I am honestly disappointed with the included tunes. The car feels like a Cadillac while driving in all modes, the setup is so soft, rear shocks bottom out on speed bumps and while ridding on the freeway. Has anyone else had this issue? I am a bit overwhelmed with the tuning ability with the DSC but the first thing that caught my eye was my shock calibration tables. My 3 tunes on the DSC Sport are 0ma to 1000ma, 0ma to 1200ma and 0ma to 1300ma. Does anyone know what the stock MR shock damper operating range are? I do track and AutoX the car and those are my main goals for building mode once I get a handle on tuning the suspension. I am not worried about improving the daily ride, because honestly I don't think the stock ride is that bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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