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0-60 in 3.5 seconds? Makes my Boss seem like a horse and buggy............:eek:
My 82 year old mother's Model 3 is nearly as fast as my supercharged coyote Shelby. The dual motor all wheel drive versions will smoke it I'm sure. It won't be long before gas powered vehicles will seem archaic, much like the early 20th century when horse drawn vehicles became obsolete.


It's not the outright performance, although it's pretty good, it's the driving experience. Instant max torque every time you tough the accelerator with no waiting for the engine to spin up with a super smooth delivery of power. No gears to jerk the car so it's super smooth. A big plus in traffic is the regen braking. As soon as you let off of the accelerator you start slowing down. So in stop and go traffic you hardly ever touch the brake. Once you get familiar with it going back to throttle/brake in traffic is a let down. And don't forget never having to go to a gas station again. You refuel at home in your garage.

I know it's hard to believe, and I frankly didn't expect to like the car, but IMO is a big step forward. I have the choice of driving four different cars and for most drives around town or within 100 miles from home it's the Tesla.


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Rick, I'm sure ecstatic with your Tesla Beauty! And From what you say I would Surely love it also.! The thought of not visiting a gas station really excites my wallet and me! I just hope my Boss dosen't see this wink...........


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Rick, are you gonna get a Model Y down the road or just a Performance Model 3? :)

I agree with Rick on the revolutionary transition, this is the first time I haven't dailied a manual car since I was 16 years old and there's no going back for me.
Ordered a performance model 3 a couple of weeks ago. Scheduled to pick it up in Atlanta November 14. Have a couple of questions. Alabama power says I can get a plug in electric vehicle rider on my standard rate plan such that between the hours of 9 pm and 5 am the rate is 1.7155 cents per kWh. I calculated the cost to charge to 300 miles using an 80 amp wall charger to be $1.38. SURELY I CALCULATED INCORRECTLY. that might as well be free. Does that charge sound right to you?

Second question. Car will come with performance summer tires. I will be using the car to travel to the NC mountains where it gets cold and snows. Want to get some rims and all season tires. What rims and tires do y'all use for winter use? Rims must clear the performance brakes.




That seems awfully cheap but if it’s accurate just charge at night. We charge ours after 10 pm although there’s no incentive for me to do so. Are you able to install an 80 circuit in your home? My max was 60 and it’s set at 48 or .8 of max.

There are plenty of aftermarket wheels that will work. Check Tesla Motors Club forum as they seem to have several aftermarket vendors there.

After reading your attached link that’s a discount not the actual rate. ;)



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Visited another customer on Wednesday who package Lithium -Ion batteries for aircraft ground support equipment as well as forklifts and stand behinds. Their called Flux Power out of Vista CA. They anticipate their business to double in 2019 as more and more move away from lead-acid batteries. They say that industry is moving away from gas power forklifts because it's cheaper, safer and that LI batteries take up a smaller footprint.
Ohhhhhhhhh. I see now. 1.7 cents was too good to be true. Thanks for spotting that for me. I'll try the tesla motor club for rims. Yes, I still love yellow blaze. I drive a magnetic GT350 on the track now, but I like that picture of my BOSS.

I do plan to try the Tesla at barber at least once if it comes with "track mode". One of the magazines did a test of track mode at a race track and they liked it. They did say the battery got hot after a few laps and the computer pulled some power.

Anyone here tried a model 3 at the track?

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