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S197 3V Fabman's build; How did we get here? Build Thread


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to be fare, i tried to help, but got yelled at... lol
I'm sorry, but I needed to concentrate, this is not your typical install where you just put all the bolts in and your done.
This portion of the assembly is very exacting and I need to do it in silence.
Each part needs to be thoroughly inspected and carefully fitted to its mate. NOTHING just bolts on.
These are all parts that never met each other and being a non stock configuration, very little actually "fits".
Things need to get moved, modified or remounted to make room for other things and so forth.
Its like blue printing a motor, you don't just slam all the parts in there and fire it up.
It's very exacting work and I had heard enough from the peanut gallery already.
I'm seriously thinking about putting up a chain or painting yellow lines around the shop and making people STFO.
There is a reason why some consistently achieve exceptional results while others merely flounder in mediocrity, Its in the details.

There is an old saying and its just as true today: "Winners do what losers won't".

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