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Finally a day to work on the Boss

Good rainy day here in NorCal to finally get this pile of parts installed. It was kinda cool that the original owner never put any of the extra's on the car, but at about half past beer thirty I was sorta think'n otherwise - at least I know how it's all put together and done right, thanks in big part to all of you here - tips saved a lot of time for sure.

So some brief notes on how it all went -

Barton 2 post shifter bracket, nice piece really, very well made (I work at a machine shop) tolerances and alignment feel great. Install went pretty smooth except for that damn helper clip on the passenger side stud slight to minor PIA to get off, a bit frustrating. One thing I did notice about the posts is that they are pretty darn close to touching off the tranny case, hope with heat they don't expand and cause a buzz.

Transmission Scoop - 4 bolts, torque wrench and done

FRP/ARP Wheel Studs - knocked the old ones out with a singlejack no problem, tried pulling one in with a nut and a open end, ditched that and got the rattle gun, added a washer and ran them all home - much easier! They are loooonnnnnggggg!

Brake Duct Kit - well it's on and secure and made the stud work a lot easier at least. So why do we have a 5 gallon washer reservoir? We branching out and running Baja or they expecting a dust bowl sometime soon, I thought weight was everything on these puppies? Chop 4 inches off the bottom of that sucker and it won't take Houdini to route the hose - huge PIA and I don't like the hard 90 degree angle you have to take right off the back of the inlet. I did the whole shim thing about an inch out, but I did both lower bolts and really fought those suckers to line them back up with the shim. Passenger side backing plate was rubbing on the ABS ring so a bit of grind and file cleared it up. On a bright note the hoses went right on both ends- just some silicone spray and just walked them on, no cuts or wire removal at all.

On an even more brighter note I did the passenger side first - driver side was a piece of cake!

Splitter Kit - Not too eventful really but a couple of things I did notice - turnbuckles are sorta touchy on getting both lined up and tight, managed to get one tight and straight but the other needed a washer added to get it to line up - and yes added the gratuitous amounts of blue loctite so hope it hangs in there. They must be worried about vibration with all the RTV they spec, but I did not care for how far the turnbuckle had to spin out to get it to bolt up - I could only get one end to adjust so the other had to make up the reach. As for bolts, I will be getting 4 50mm allens to bolt up the corners like everyone else, shorted me one of the lower adjuster mount bolts as well, no big deal. I am still a bit fuzzy on the belly pan though, they show in the FRP instructions bolting up the four rear most and lipping the front of the pan in which makes sense, but then it goes on to say to throw in the front ones too - but the photo (last one btw) shows him zippin them on with the splitter removed and no way are they going on after with the splitter installed- so no front bolts for me and hoping it doesn't start a rattle - I hate rattles.

So wheels, pads and fluid arrive next week, time to order the rubber. Next job will be the rear studs, Ti plates and pads, dot 4 flush, CG Lock and put the rubber on. I think there's an HOD later in April with some Ferrari's so that should be the first track day with the Boss- it's been a long wait!
That's some good progress on your Boss and just in time too. I hear l8te apx is going to need some tips on how to drive a high powered rear wheel drive American V8 on a track. ;)

See you on May 24th if not sooner.

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