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First Boss Sighting

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Has anyone seen a Boss that's left the yard? We are now over 3 weeks into full production (albeit shut down this week at AAI) and I have yet to see a Boss that's actually shipped. Post up any sightings, even if it's on a rail car! I have a track buddy whose son works for the railroad down in IL who sees Ford cars come through there regularly and he's keeping an eye out for any Bosses.

Be the first to report a production Boss sighting to give us some hope we'll see our cars soon :)
Well the first one I saw was on November 12th at the Sacramento Auto Show but it wasn't a production run. I think the luck of the Irish will have the first Boss delivered on 3-17-11.
I will be at a track event at Road Atlanta this weekend, so I'll let you guys know if I see any and will take pics. I didn't see any registered but you never know what might show up last minute.
OK some good news! Here's the update I got this morning:

Awaiting Shipment Origin Received - F43 (Autoport Limited ) Ramp 5P, Flat Rock, MI Mar-09-2011, 08:37 ET Mar-19-2011
Awaiting Shipment Returned to Plant (Autoport Limited ) Flat Rock, MI Mar-09-2011, 06:58 ET Mar-19-2011
Awaiting Shipment Origin Received - Fct (Autoport Limited ) Ramp 5P, Flat Rock, MI Mar-03-2011, 14:50 ET Mar-19-2011
In Transit Received - Rail (Auto Warehousing ) Ramp 51, Auto Alliance, MI Mar-01-2011, 12:45 ET Mar-19-2011
In Production Produced Autoalliance International Inc, MI Mar-01-2011 Mar-19-2011

I am assuming that since it went from Produced, to In Transit, To Awaiting Shipment to Returned to Plant, to Awaiting Shipment that it has at least gone to the VPC for striping and is maybe ready to go, but who knows???? The fact that it moved today is a good thing though. Just sitting there was driving me nuts! Now somebody explain what all this means????? ???

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