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First Ding

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I bought my new 2013 Laguna at the end of February in Los Angeles. I now have 800 miles on it. When I owned it for about 3 weeks/300 miles, it got its first and only ding. I came out of the grocery store and immediately saw it. It's on the drivers side rear quarter on the upper seam at door handle height, there is a ding with a chip in the paint about 3/4 the size of a pencil eraser...and the parking space beside me was empty, so I never caught them. I'm thankful for that, because I probably would be wearing an orange suit with very limited freedom if I had. I touched up the chip in the paint. You can see a very small ripple in the seam from the impact of the door. The good thing is that people don't notice it, BUT I DO! You have to know where it is and look for it to see it. I just makes me sick..mostly because these cars are very limited and special. I think they will remain fairly sought out. People will always be looking for a nice used one. I know the car is worth more with factory paint rather than having it fixed. Plus, know my luck, it would happen again. Anyone else gotten the first ding out of the way yet?
Welcome to BMO. No dings in almost two years and 10,000 miles. I'm sure it's coming though. Be sure to introduce yourself in the intro thread.
Welcome !
I remember my 1st rock chip. I was pissed. Just like the 1st dings on my vintage Les Paul guitars (hence LP in my name) If ya take it out there its gonna happen and you can always get it repaired - sucks though.
I try to park far away but there douchebags all over that either don't care or are jealous, and im in Jersey. Im surprised is haven't been keyed and spray painted. ha
- Rob
Yeah I am dreading the day I spot my first ding. THough it was going to be the other night actually. Took my wife and son out for ice cream in the Boss. Parked well away from all other cars. As we're sitting at a table eating our ice cream, some idiot comes and despite all the open spots decides to go and park right next to the stang, like a foot away. There are litarally like 4 open spots in a row next to them and they park up against my car literally as a close as possible. Watched like a hawk as they got out but luckily for me there were careful. I dont get people though, why not park in one of the other open spots!!
Same as others. I park away from all stores (and still people pull next me) and if I think I wont be able to find a good spot I try and take another car. But yesterday beats all. I was at an informal car show and an older lady in an old charger started backing into the space next to me. Problem is her husband opened his door at the same time and came within a hair of not only hitting my car but then running that open door along the entire side of my car as she suddenly pulled forward while a dozen or so people cringed and yelled. So, even at a car enthhusiast gathering there are still idiots. She was in a huge rush to get her chair out of her trunk and hang up her little signs about the car etc.
Fatboss, that's right, it lasted the entire straight away with a Boss mirror near the entrance of the Highway on Spring Mtn.
Being a disabled veteran with a handicap placard helps control the dings! But I'd gladly trade the placard for a physically healthy me again!
A shopping cart got mine a couple of months after I got it.600.00 dollars to fix it,I never found out who did it,good thing I probably would be in prison.Had to change upper and lower stripes on drivers door.Alot of damage for a shopping cart,it rolled 200 yards down the parking lot in to the side of my car.
No ding yet, but got first gasoline bath today. Defective pump spewed a ton of gas as I was about to put in the boss. Station guy said no worries and tried to use the windshield squiggle on the rear quarter panel. I stopped him and had some bottled water to quickly rinse off before I did a more thorough clean. Forget about wax on your stripes, what about fuel! To stay on topic, I have no ding, but the station maintenance dude sure should get one.
A few weeks ago I was parked with some friends at the waterfront, chatting and enjoying the nice weather. A seagull flew over and dropped a clam on my hood! They drop them on the pavement to crack them open, this one missed. Just a small chip in the paint. Dr Colorchip took care of it ;)
CO2868 said:
A few weeks ago I was parked with some friends at the waterfront, chatting and enjoying the nice weather. A seagull flew over and dropped a clam on my hood! They drop them on the pavement to crack them open, this one missed. Just a small chip in the paint. Dr Colorchip took care of it ;)

Funny thing - my wife was driving the car for the first time by the beach and I look up and see the seagull carrying the clam shell. I tell her to swerve right and she's looking all over for the hazard but not up of course! Missed us by inches.
I only park in a space where cars can park next to it only when I have to. I'm sure it is only a matter of time. I don't like but don't mind road dings. I drive my cars. I despise however door dings.

Was at the mall in San Antonio and saw a brand new black SRT Charger, still with temp tags. He had two or three distinct door dings on the passenger side and I was like man, that blows. Walked around and saw the same thing on the drivers side.

Where are you parking this thing I thought?

Opposite story I saw a brand new satin silver Cadillac CTSV coupe parked in the front row right in front of the front door at Macy's in a high end outdoor mall. The back half of the lot was dead empty and where I parked.

This guy took up two spaces. Not partially so it looks like you are a bad parker, but right down the middle. I left him a note saying the least of your worries is door dings. You keep doing that and your car is surely to get key'd.

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