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First road trip with the Boss, track key installed

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Last week I had the chance to take a road trip with my 2012 Boss. We put nearly 1500 miles on it. Not a sigle hiccough. Great on the interstate as well as twisty back roads. I love the Reccaro seats. No low back ache after hours of driving.

I had the track key program installed half way through the week. So far no problems. I love it. The throttle response and engine breaking are more crisp. However, it is worth every penny for the lopey idle. Discs removed from the side pipes really augment the sound.

Of interest, before the track key I averaged 21 to 22 miles per gallon. After the track key milage went to 25 to 26. Anyone else notice this?

I think that Ford hit a home run with the Boss
Sounds like a good trip but where did you go?
We drove from New Orleans to the Blue Ridge mountains in Tennessee. Visited family. Nice trip.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
I suspect that your increased in MPG may have been attributed to the engine having a chance to break in, although those differences are quite substantial. I personally did not see much if any difference in MPG when I installed TK, which was done after engine break in (for me about 1000 miles).

In any event, fun ride eh ? ;D
Man...I have a hard time getting above 20 MPG even when I take it easy on her on the highway. Track Key or regular key.

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