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Grassroots motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge

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Ford Racing and a couple of WC Boss 302S's participated in this weekends Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge event at VIR. For those not familiar with the event you basically run what you brung and run the best times you can. There are trophies in a number of categories so it's not only the overall fastest time that wins.

First thing you need to know about this years event..... IT WAS HOT!!!! Not just hot but REALLY HOT!!! We saw a sustained 112 degrees with close to 100% humidity.

We are very proud to say that with those conditions the stock Boss 302S ran a time of 2:02.255 which is flying around VIR. If track temps were in the 80's we could have broken the 2:00 mark which was our goal but with the temps you could feel the cars lack of power due to the heat.

In the end the Boss 302S finished 11th out of 76 entries and won the fastest Ford at the event as well as the "Whoa Wonder" award which was the fastest factory built car with stock brakes. I'm pretty sure that this was the fastest time with a stock engine as well but there was no award for that catagory.

We have some ideas for next year which should make things interesting........
In for videos. I didn't find much info on the event but here's a start.

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