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Happy Fourth of July 2023!!!

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The Fourth wouldn't be the Fourth without the Nathan's Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest!!!..VoodooBoss brought that to my attention many yrs ago.This year it was delayed for 2 hrs because of lightning and heavy rain concerns. But the all time favorite and current Champ is Joey Chestnut again!!!!....62 Hot dogs in 10 mins....second place was 49.......His all time best was 76 in 2021.....I can eat maybe 3 but that would be a stretch in more ways than one!!! I'm sure many Dogs and Burgers will be enjoyed today.....Don't forget that corn and Potato salad!! and Apple Pie for Dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!........and that ice cold watermelon!!!!!!!!!!
Hon insisted I watch the Macy's fourth of July fireworks "spectacular" on NBC last nite....I'm glad I did!!...They had 5 barges loaded with fireworks...the only thing I missed was the big bang you hear at a live in person show......We had some neighborhood displays that helped with that!!!!!!!!!........back to summer now......near 90's til Saturday....My AC fill-in fans will be on, for sure!!!!!
Hope everyone had a happy (and safe) 4th!

Unfortuately I was racked up with a back injury and I didn’t snap all the cool pix that y’all did. The surf and turf over here was nice though…

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