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Help with planning suspension upgrade


Tramps like us, Baby we were born to run...
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I would suggest that whoever you get your parts from FP, Griggs, MM, BMR, Cortex you buy ALL your stuff from the same place.

I agree that good harmony in suspension is a family affair.

Other than the MM CC plates - I'm a poster child for BMR.

Yet I'm still waiting for my sponsor check
The pan hard bar just in it's geometry is far from what a Watts link can do and how it can do it. Especially on a high speed bank, such as the one at Fontana when running the Roval and entering the bank at 145 mph. Really need rear stability.

BTW, the Cortex Watts link is one of the best ones. Around $1,000. On my 2014 Gt 500 that I track.
I did however purchase a Whiteline Watts link for my Saleen Parnelli Jones edition Mustang. A good economical watts link. Ebay, $740.00 delivered. The Saleen Watts link had a recall on it. The recall "fix" should also be a recall. I don't track the PJ.
Just for piece on mind.

We went from dead last to 4th in 5 laps at Iowa..In IMSA, back when they had 20 plus cars in GS, with a PHB. Ended up 2nd overall thanks to having to save fuel.

This also a PHB.

Blacksheep, do you have more info on the front bar. My set-up will be somewhat close to your description (minus the Penske's) but I still have the stock front bar.

Ford racing adjustable "blue" bar, that's all I've ever seen it called..the "blue" bar, I don't have a part number. Maybe soemone else can help.

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