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How fast have you been in your boss?


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155+ at Pocono Raceway. Going counter-clockwise NASCAR style, which just doesn't feel right ! ::)

Once upon a time in Mexico. I was topping third gear out at or around 8100 rpm just because it sounded so nice when I heard a exasperated look out from my willing passenger who noticed the hoop te doo in the roadway that my half blind self obviously did not see. I kept my foot planted and when all four tires UAE off the ground she stayed level. Coming back to the earth in the same way. That was about 120 ish

Got my heart rate going too
well, i got passed by a vehicle while i was at about 150 and he was on a zx10 kawasaki. he creeped by me very slowly btw. surprised the hell out of him. we were flying. interstate 84 in ny


149.8 per GPS at BIR's front straight.
Need to keep my foot in it a little longer to catch Gary's top speed (or do a better job on turn 10 into the straight). ;)
You guys sure travel to Mexico a lot....LOL
Hit 140-145 once and been in the 130s a few times. Can't really say where I was :p but I was stationed in Europe for 3yrs many years ago and have developed some road rage driving in NJ. :p Sometimes I have to just vent and leave people

145 on the front strait at TWS. They just opened up a new toll road here in Houston an it free until Feb 1st. I got on it this Friday and my speedo said 165. I was waiting for it to shut off but never did. Does TK disable the speed limiter or is my speedo just off?


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3-5 Years
Brighton, Colorado
122 in a 75 on a pay for pleasure pony trail 'tween Thornton and Brighton, Colorado. She still had so much more left in her but was seeing red and blue stars so I reined her back and figured I'd ride her harder next summer on the track. Good thing that B&W pony was running west while I was running east.


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302BOB said:
Cloud9 (Gary) mentioned speedo was 5% higher than actual GPS reading in his car. Maybe that's true for you. In any event, enjoy it while you can!.... 8)...btw like your post number!

I've noticed that was true but only with Trackey. My grey key seems to be accurate to the gps, but the red key seemed to be off by 5-10 mph.
ufnavy06 said:
I've noticed that was true but only with Trackey. My grey key seems to be accurate to the gps, but the red key seemed to be off by 5-10 mph.


Even with an off-axis sightline, that looks like 158 indicated to me. Less than 2 MPH difference at the very top end is about as dead nuts accurate as you can get. Was Gary testing with stock wheels and tires? Did he ever have the stock wheels and tires on his car?

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I think this thread jumped over from the SVT guys :) I really never look at the speedometer I do know that I'm going fast I would guess at the track about 130 or so on the straight. I do want to get some sort of gps track data thing to show me, just haven't looked into it much. Something that will work with a gopro and not cost to much. Any advice?

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