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I Ran The Texas Mile

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Had a blast.

Check out

You have to qualify for unlimited speed by running between 140-160 mph on first run (or as many times as it takes)

Ran 144.8. I was in 5th @7000 and the speedo was 150-155. Stayed there too long; shifted to 6th and finished at 144.8, which was exactly what I needed to get my pass to run faster. Conditions were 77* and very little wind.

I was shocked at how the Boss handled at that speed. No fighting the wheel; didn't feel "lighter", just stayed right on course and "sat down" on the track!!! Exciting, to say the least.

Next run we had about a 25 mph headwind. I did 138 @ 1/2 mile post and 152.7 @ mile. I really don't know how much that headwind hindered, but it felt really different than the first run.

Saw a few Bosses; (didn't get their speeds) all kinds of fast cars though. It was a great experience.

sorry for the double image of the Speed Slip; I tried to just add one; but.....

That's awesome. They have the Mojave Mile here in CA and I've been wanting to give that a shot. Our cars are aerodynamic bricks but I thought it would gain a bit more speed in the second half mile.

I fixed the link for you.

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