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Installed MGW Shifter

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Installed the shifter on Sunday morning with my son in-law who has worked as a mechanic in the past. First off the packaging and instruction are very good right down to the grease and lock tight included. We also used the installed video on my I-Pad which helped. We took our time double checking as we went along. We also had the use of a lift at a shop and without a lift things would had been a lot more difficult . Also installed the heat shield which was simple. The whole install took three an half hours. The shifter is a huge improvement, second to third is spot on and the whole shifter has a much more solid feel. As you remove the old parts an install the new ones you can see how much more substantial the whole unit is. I feel it's worth the price an the time. Very glad I did it.


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It is lovely isnt it. It gets a little looser after a few hundred miles. Have you put in REDLINE MTL fluid in the trans? That was the icing on the cake for me after the MGW shifter.

I actually preferred doing the shifter on my back. Holding my arms above my head always wears me out where on my back they are just straight out in front of me. But its just a personal preference.
I'm going to install mine using my Race Ramps. I had plenty of room installing my shifter bracket and should have plenty of room for the shifter box. From watching the video you don't have much room above the DS regardless of what you use to lift the car. Like you I'll use my iPad to watch the videos as needed. It looks pretty straight forward with the largest challenge being the access above the DS.
I just put mine up on jackstands, which wasn't too bad.

Getting the pieces assembled while cramming your hands between the exhaust was the hard part.

Lot's of this is by feel.

I also screwed up the front seal/bushing. The red one. If you get everything back together, and it's really really really stiff, this is probably your issue.

Man, it's a great shifter. It was hard at MMP in those cars after getting used to the MGW.

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