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jacking the rear of your boss for tire change? Best way

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I have read that you should not jack from the pumkin on these cars? I used to do it but it was on older cars.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
jeepinocala said:
I have read that you should not jack from the pumkin on these cars? I used to do it but it was on older cars.
it's the same old 8.8 housing with a different cover....just make sure it's centered and all will be well.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
+2 on the pumpkin. Just make sure the saddle of the jack doesn't scrape against the aluminum cover. Worked great for me.

Thats the way I have always done it ,.... till going thru the owners manual waiting for the wife in the store one day and it warns you not to jack from the differential.....odd !
This is all good. I remember reading a thread telling not to jack from the pumpkin and was not sure even though It makes good sense to be able to. I am putting a one piece aluminum driveshaft in ;D
seca954 said:
Where does Ford say to jack it from then?

Ford recommends lifting from the pinch welds, I am not sure if the manual picture is only for lifts but I assume they recommend this for all types of lifts and jacks.

I do not know the reason why they say do not lift from the pumpkin. It may be because if the jack is not properly positioned you could damage the cover. However there may be other reasons so I would avoid lifting from there. Personally I lift from the pinch weld and place jack stands under the axle tubes, FWIW.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
FWIW I never lift from the pinch welds....ever and no dire consequences in the 17 years of doing such. the important thing is lift somewhere that can support the weight you are lifting and a place that wont slip off of your jack pad.

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