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Keep crap out of your lower grill....

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I put some aluminum mesh in the lower grill that I ordered from mcmaster (PN thanks to Will Franssen), keeps the rocks and rubber chunks out, though smaller bugs still make it through. Probably a good thing that it doesn't block too much airflow. My big air/water heat exchanger got a few dents just from one weekend at TWS behind street tired cars.

Just search for the PN below, to the left of the price.

The aluminum tends to get that oxidized look so you should paint it first.

I got a section about 8" tall x the width of the opening, then I put it in the sheetmetal brake and put 2" legs on the top and bottom, it kind of goes over the opening and then you can use screws or wire to attach it. The upper grill is wide open on my car but the rocks don't seem to make it up there.

Steel—0.03" Thickness (22 Gauge)
0.25" 79% 0.281" 92725T22 $37.70
Aluminum—0.032" Thickness (20 Gauge)
0.25" 79% 0.281" 92725T42 40.22

Yes, I did, the huge VMP heat exchanger required it on my 12 front end. It actually fits under the 13-14 front end with no modification.
cloud9 said:
Which superchager did you go with Justin?

Mine of course, I'm too anal to just swap anything in there. I did some stuff different to make it more suited for what I want.

The article in 5.0 mustang shows it making 840rwhp with a 63mm pulley, which is correct, but its detuned to 600-650 with an 82mm pulley for track use on 91-93 pump gas. On R6s its very balanced.

Since that article I've put in a bigger VMP spec HE that mounts the pump in the fender for better airflow through the grill.

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