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Laguna Seca Gauges

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I just had these installed, and I seem to have an issue with mine. I understand that these are autometer gauges (D-PIC) and I can't seem to get mine calibrated right. After a few miles, the real time lateral G meter reads like you are in a left corner. After a bit, as bad as a half G. Anyone else have this issue?

I'm calabrating according to the instructions in the supplement, but I'm also driving off after the gauge says "done." Should I stop after that?

Here is a photo:

I was hoping that somebody else has had this issue, before I spend time calling up autometer.

I'm hoping that I am just doing something wrong.

Got the gauges at Blue Oval, which is the best price that I found, and installed by my dealer at a reasonable rate. It's nice having a real temp and oil pressure guage that looks factory.


This is next on my list as well. But where did you have them installed? Their work should be warrantied I would think.
At my local dealership.

The installation doesn't look to bad, honestly, but the part where you spliced into the wiring harness at the very end caused me a bit of concern.

I don't think it installation related, and I'm wondering if it's gauge related, so I was hoping to get some feedback from somebody with them. Oddly enough, once you shut the car down, and restart, it resets at zero, and it is good for a bit, and then back to the imaginary left hand turn.

I'm just going to have to call autometer in a few days.

The package is great, and the cost for the package is because they are all set up with a harness to go into the existing setup. The cheapest I found them was at Blue Oval Industries, who got them right here, and a few hundred bucks from the Ford Dealer to install. All in all, right at the list price from most folks.

I'm pretty sure this is the same exact gauge:

My center gauge is not good. I have to take them out, thank God for the quick connect loom on these, and Ford Racing is going to replace them. Thanks Ford!

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