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Mustang Tetris - Race tires

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Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Is anybody fitting 4 tires in their car for track days?

I'm normally carrying 2 spares in the back seat and I'm considering removing the passenger seat so I can carry 4 non-DOT tires and drive to and from the track. Once I remove the seat, I have to figure out how to secure them all.

I've heard of people putting one in the trunk and one in the passenger seat to get 4 in, but I use all the trunk space for the jack, tools, air, and gas tank.
I met a 2005 GT500 owner at the track that packed his track wheels/tires in the car. Can't exactly remember how he fit them, but I think two were in the trunk and two in the back seat.

I'm sure you can fit four in the car and trunk, but I don't want to damage and dirty the seats. Now if I were to remove the rear seats, I'd probably try to fabricate something that could seat the tires securely.

Do you have a rollbar? that could make things a little trickier.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA

Fold down rear seats. Lay down two tires across the width of the car, on top of the now-flat seats. You will have to make sure the tires get on top of the rear "armrest" on each side. Then a third tire laid down on top of those! Then the final tire goes in the spare tire well after you take out the inflator kit etc.

Then you just have to figure out where to put the rest of your stuff.

The tires won't slide around so no need to secure them.
On in the trunk and there's still room for helmet, jack and impact. One in the passenger rear paralell to direction of travel, one behind me perp to direction (I'm tall and need the seat all the way back), and one in the front seat. Bought some Totes.

Do all rear seats fold down? I didn't think my 14 GT did . . .

These make good stocking stuffers. Talk to Santa. $20/pr.
Well, the Boss will swallow a surprising amount of stuff, with even a bit of space to spare. You can stuff 4 tires/wheels, plus air tank, jack, helmet, tools, and pretty much whatever else you might need for a track day, all inside (barely). And, yes, Tire Totes are a must! Pics:

1. Tires/wheels are Hoosier R6 295/40 on Forgestar 18x10... big effing tires!
2. Use inside of tire/wheel in trunk and the "spare tire" well for additional stowage space.
3. There's a tool box and overnight bag sitting on the passenger floor.
4. Tires arranged per pics (w/ rear driver side seat folded down) so that driver seat/seat back can be adjusted to a comfortable setting.

All that said, while this will do in a pinch, as a default way of getting to the track I wouldn't recommend it for safety reasons (planning to get a small trailer for next year).



I've seen autocross guys build a small 2 1 axle trailer to tow behind their miatas, they work pretty well, just big enough for 4 tires, an air tank and a small tool box. One thing to keep in mind if you have a wreck on the way to the track with all of that crap in the car it won't end up well.
blacksheep-1 said:
I've seen autocross guys build a small 2 1 axle trailer to tow behind their miatas, they work pretty well, just big enough for 4 tires, an air tank and a small tool box. One thing to keep in mind if you have a wreck on the way to the track with all of that crap in the car it won't end up well.

Exactly! Which is why I'm planning on acquiring a small "auto-x" type trailer for next year.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Thanks for all the replies!

I do already have four of the TireRack totes! Invaluable for guys who put tires on the inside...

I have been considering the small auto-x style trailer...but I just don't have the space in the garage right now. I really want to build one out of a damaged mustang rear clip and store it off-site...

Drew and dabossinne:
You're Mustang Tetris skills are obviously better than mine! I gotta test those layouts before I get the R comps. I usually have both seats down with one tire flat and the other tilted on top with both loosely secured by the seatbelts and the passenger seat back.

I haven't installed the Watson roll bar yet, and I think it might have to wait until I do get a trailer :( ...or do some major rearranging!

This is what came out of my car the other weekend at Streets of Willow:


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Grant with my method it leaves you the most trunk space to play with afterwards (IMO).

I would take the handle off my racing jack and place it on top of the axle hump, then throw a couple camping chairs on/near it widthwise. Then I could fit in 4 jack stands on the "side pockets" of the trunk along with a 5-gallon fuel jug on each side. Then a 3/4 "Tote" sized container with various tools, and the last thing to go in was a full-size Igloo cooler. You can cram helmet and any remaining small stuff into the front seat/foot well.

Also if you have wide-spoke wheels, you can put stuff inside the wheel you put in the spare tire well also :)


To make jack stand storage easier, consider a set or 2 of these.
They come apart to stow easier. I didn't install the bolts that hold the base/shaft.
Amazon sells a similar aluminum jack stand for a little less.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Drew's method fits my 275/35-18s! So I think if I stick to anything that height or shorter, I'll be able to carry a full set of R-comps in the car with all of my current amount of track crap. Both the F14s and SVE drifts have fairly tight spoke I probably won't use those for much storage unless I put them in upside-down.

So if I can burn down the R-S3s in the next 2 or 3 track days...I'll run R comps in Jan or Feb.

Thanks again for the input and suggestions!

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