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My 302r wheels with 295/40 R6's square

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Just some pic candy....

The lightness of these wheels, even with the tires, is pretty wild. The guy who mounted them kept commenting how light they were.

I went with the bigger, old school, sidewalls.


My suspension is setup for square and I was running 275/35/19 but my race class only allows 18" wheels, so after I wore out the Hankoook RS3's (took 24 track sessions by the way), I made the switch.

No spacers, but I am using the Cooltech ARP's.

I went with the 40's for a couple reasons (one of which I only had a hunch on as my tire science knowledge is still young).

1. My sidepipes are a mere 3" off the ground. I can't drop an inch on the wheel bringing them down to 2". They would hit some curbs and tracks (e.g. carousel at Summit Point), so I went with a higher sidewall and they're still 3" up, same as before.
2. I plan on ripping corners very hard and adding power down the road. I think I need more sidewall to maintain grip since I'm limited to a 295 I think. For example, with less pressure in the slick and slamming the throttle coming out of turns, I think the tire needs more sidewall to keep grip, compared to lower profile - especially if I supercharge. Am I wrong about this?
3. Rather coincidentally, after I bought my one test tire from tirerack of the 295/40/18, Hoosier had a sale on them $120 each. Not the 35's. ;)

thanks guys.
Very nice. The Konig wheels I posted about are a nice alternative and almost as light but at 9.5 width I'm not sure they'll work with a 295. Did you buy two sets?

I should have, but they ran out too quick. I did pick up a set of A6's in the same size though on sale.
steveespo said:
When we are at VIR I will ask you to let me try those wheels on the front of my car with the 15" Brembos. Want to be sure they fit before I commit to buying them. 18" AMR and SVE wheels do not work.

You got it.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Not my visual cup of tea, but the price was definitely right, the contact patch will be great, and the larger tire should get you some more MPH in each gear due to the change in effective gear ratio.

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