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my latest mod

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picked em up from the paint shop today. same grey/silver that the spoiler and mirrors are. sterling grey.
i think it sets the car off even more....

lighting is obviously not the best nor are the surroundings. concrete guys just layed the new its a mess around the car...which goes back into the car hole soon

opinions welcome



Very nice. I have plans to paint my mirror covers the same flat black as my spoiler, and also black 5.0 fender badges.


Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow
Wow that looks good!! I wonder if the design guys tossed that idea around at Ford.... Really like it, especially with your SBY.

Looks really sweet. Was thinking about it on my ghig when it arrives along with mrt rear louvers. Your pics help confirm it is a great mod. If you can share, what did it cost you.
not much. little over a hundred bucks. i removed them myself. one small nut and the rest is held in by clips.

just take off your sound deadening and you can see what i mean. real easy to do


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Looks nice on SBY LS. On the standard Boss with the extra hood side stripes, it would look too busy.
I've had this on my to do list also. I'm gonna see if I can order the inserts as I don't wanna paint the original pieces. I think it will look fine on a standard Boss. Everything looks better on GHIG!


Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow
Just saw a GT California Special at the dealership.... It's red and has the hood vents painted black. Looks sweet. Guess Ford designers had thought of it also, afterall. Two thumbs up.

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