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My San Diego area dealer has decided not to sell his 2013 Black LS

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Kerry, San Diego
I took 1804 to the dealer today for its annual oil change and spoke to the GM, who I have known for about 20 years.

He told me he has a 300+ day old black LS in stock. He put a car cover on it, a battery maintainer on it, and parked it in his warehouse. He said it has "no" miles. He thinks it will be worth something someday.

The warranty has not started and he tells me he fields phone calls from Ford dealers all over the country asking how much stupid money it would cost to buy the car. He told me and it IS a stupid amount.

His family owns a dozen or so dealerships, so I respect his opinion that the Boss (LS anyway), is a car worth hanging onto. He told me that he had been buying new Boss Mustangs from all over the country to have inventory to sell.

I said my goodbyes and he said "let me know if you want to sell your Boss".

That left me with a good feeling-in car crazy Southern California 2012-13 Boss Mustangs just don't come up for sale very often.
Interesting. I have an ebay search set for 2012/2013 Boss 302's and it's been pretty slow lately. I do see more 2013's for sale on ebay.
Not to say that I want the value of the Boss to plummet, but I also think the thing should be driven, not cooped up like some butterfly or stamp collection. Wonder how those calls will sound when the new special car comes out.


Kerry, San Diego
He said there will not be anything special for fact, you won't even see the 2015 for a long while...

He just thinks the Boss LS is something special.
four-walling said:
He said there will not be anything special for fact, you won't even see the 2015 for a long while...

He just thinks the Boss LS is something special.

As in the GT350 rumors are a little out there.
IMO I think the BOSS is something really, really special and will be worth tons more 30-40 yrs from now. I highly doubt Ford will rehash this model again. I bet in 20 years, with the new styling Fords going with the Mustang, it'll be worth more than an average stang from the same years.

Its also my 2nd favorite car i've ever owned, the 1st being a 6 cyl 1967 Mustang in nightmist blue with white leather interior and 1/2 moon hubcaps. I got more stinky pinky in that car - i shiznit you not ! Having that car and being 17 in the middle of the 80s was a P**SY Magnet rofl.

I would think if some dealers were offering him stupid amounts of money for it he would be better off cashing out now and using the cash to buy Ford stock! I would think that in the time it would take to make money on it he will be dead or he would have earned more in appreciation with cash now. But it would make a nice "hey, guess what I have" story down the road if he is into collecting.
Don't know if the dealer will come out ahead or not.....

There are 2001 Corba R's "in the wrapper" and even one I know that was never titled, but they aren't selling for any more than they were new.

Soft ecomany?

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