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Need help with TracKey on car I bought used

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I just bought a 2012 Boss with TracKey already installed. The problem is I don't have any of the original paperwork from when the trackey was installed nor do I know which dealer did the install.

My local dealer said they need the tune file number or something from when the trackey was originally installed so they can cover it under warrant. Is this BS?

I'm having some mild spark pinging at 3-4,000 when on trackey and wanted to have them hook it up, check it for updates and adjust as needed.


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It probably is. Also, Track Key is premium fuel only. 91 or 93 Octane. If you are running 89 that could cause it. If you need the install date, I would call Ford Racing with your VIN.

Ok just got off the phone with Ford Racing Tech Line and they basically said it was normal.

He said that the regular GT will correct timing to adjust to the worst pinging cylinder, but that the Boss/Trackey tune dynamically adjusts each cylinder's fuel individually and hence why you'll hear 'light' pinging under 3k. He said to basically not worry about it... :eek:


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FWIW I've read similar experiences in the Boss section over at TheMustangSource. At least by this you know you are not just being fed a line of BS, other owners have reported this and Ford Racing has given a similar diagnosis. For these cars that are pinging, I wonder if a compression test would be a good idea for all cylinders to see if one is way higher than the rest. That might give a clue as to the root cause? Although if that turns out to be true then I'm not sure what the corrective action would be? ???

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