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New 1/18 scale diecast models

Jason said:
Looking into the windshield on the 13 RR, I notice cobra emblems on the recaro's. Other than that I really think they did a great job on the accuracy.

Yes, they basically took their Shelby Diecast and painted it, added stripes and changed the wheels and packaged it as a BOSS 302... which is totally fine with me... Cause Technically, that is what Ford did too... in fact that is one of my few gripes about the 2013/2014 Mustangs in general.. In the past (from 2007 to 2012) you could usually easily tell the different between a GT, and Shelby and even a BOSS (2012 version).

If you put the same wheels on 12 different 2013/2014's, removed all striping/badging The only way you could tell the different between a V6, 5.0, BOSS and Shelby was basically what the engine bay looked like and Front Fascia. But even then its deceiving if a 5.0 has the BOSS intake on it. or either the 5.0 or BOSS has a SuperCharger. If someone really wanted to make a Clone, 2013/2014 is the best year to do it... and if they did it right, the only way to tell the difference would be by running the VIN#.

But that argument aside, Hopefully that means there are plenty of spare parts for our cars. As far as the Diecast goes, I like it, at least till someone does it better, but with the limited run of Real BOSS 302 Cars, I doubt many will produce Diecasts, perhaps that is why Shelby did what they did... (change a few things on their die cast and sell it as a BOSS 302).

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