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No 2014 BOSS. Yes GT350

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Will the pending GT350 use the BOSS suspension and roadrunner setup to perpetuate the BOSS learning? MSRP of 47k suggests an opportunity to keep the BOSS alive under a new name. I'd love to see 3.55 gears standard. l'd keep the quad exhaust, forget the exhaust disks and have track key standard (screw CARB).
When Mr Shelby passed Ford took over some level of control of the name per a pre-arrangement (so says the interweb). Ford is apparently going to produce the GT350 in 2014 (so says the interweb) at a more approachable cost. Will it happen? What will it offer?
I think this is nothing more than a bad internet rumor. The GT350 is not listed anywhere as an option in the 2014 order guide. I went to Shelby American and they are still offering the GT350 package for the 2014 model year. There is no way Ford would make an in house 350 while Shelby is still making one.
My guess is Ford has something up its sleeve to kick off the 2015 mustang redesign...perhaps a Boss 351, SVO mustang or something along those lines. they are done with the S197 Mustang build and they weren't about to invest any more into it for 2014 which is why the 2014 is the exact same as the 2013.

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