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OEM Recaro Seats seem loose?

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Just curious if anyone else has noticed if their OEM Recaro seats fell a bit "loose" to them? Mine seem to have some play up and down a bit but they are bolted into the car 100%. Nothing is loose that I can see, it's nearly like the seat base mechanism is shimmying a little.

Should I hit up my dealer the next time I go in? I've installed many racing seats in my days so I am pretty used to it (some reclining racing seats such as the Recaros have a little play in their tilting mechanisms, BRIDE seats from Japan for example were notorious for this).

So nothing to really get me worked up and worried, but thought I'd toss it out there
I have the very same symptom as you describe. I've had it ever since purchased new now going on 7k miles. I only notice it when climbing in as the looseness goes away once I'm planted in the seat. I've learned to live with it as it has not gotten any worse... Keeping fingers crossed.
yeah, that's when I really notice it also, and I too forget about it once I'm strapped in. I purchased my car 2nd hand so I was wondering if perhaps the first owner was just really rough on it but perhaps not.


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