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Oil Change Question

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The indicator on the dash came up with "oil change required".

I changed the oil in March 2012 at 1622 miles and it now has 3825 miles (I know, not many miles but I didn't get to drive the Boss much over the past year - but it was driven a bit just about every weekend).

I'm inclined to go ahead and change the oil, but it does seem a little early with only 2000 miles between oil changes. I'm assuming the computer is calculating usage and elapsed time between oil changes?

Comments / thoughts?
Typically it is recommended that oil be changed at least once per year independent of mileage. So yes, I suspect this is why the computer is recommending you change your oil. If it was my car I would change it.
Change your oil after 1 year, 10000 miles, or when the service light comes on, whichever comes first.

Even lightly used low mileage oil comes into contact with fuel which causes it to break down over time.
Yes I did reset the oil change indicator the last time I changed oil.

As I said I'm inclined to change the oil since it's been in the engine for a year. Just thought I get some perspectives from other Boss owners.

Thanks for everyone's replies.
Even if you don't drive too much twice a year is cheap insurance. Longer than that and I would be worried about the paper filter breaking down. Or am I being paranoid? I put 5k a year on but I AutoX so I change in spring and every 3k.
aarcox2013 said:
If it has been a year I'd change it. I'm wondering if the system is somehow recognizing that the oil is "old.." ?

It might...I changed my oil when I had the car 10 months and only had 750 miles on it but my oil life indicator said only 30% life remaining...


2013 SBY #0750
I have 6500 miles on mine and had the oil changed for the third time last week. First was at 1000 miles then at 3000 miles. I know its a bit overkill, being it takes full synthetic,but its cheap insurance IMO. I plan on changing it al least once every year from now on.
aarcox2013 said:
If it has been a year I'd change it. I'm wondering if the system is somehow recognizing that the oil is "old.." ?

It does part of the oil life calculation based on age, yes. Mine went down to 5% this April with only 1500 miles on the odometer and it was built last May.

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