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Perfect weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park

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I was out at Carolina Motorsports Park this weekend along with "BlueMax" Matt and a couple of other Tara Mustang Club members. We all had a blast and the weather was perfect. I spied couple of white '12 Bosses who I do not believe are BMO members.

I was placed in the high-intermediate group and was signed off for solo - that made me feel like I have really come a long way since my first track day a few years ago. I had a great instructor and learned a few new things that helped increase my speed. The Boss aero on my GT made a HUGE difference on track at high speed. The faster I went the more the car seemed to hunker down. The chief instructor, a NASA-SE champion, even paid me a compliment on the way out Sunday that he had been watching me that afternoon and told me I was really laying down some laps. I definitely felt faster than when I drove the Bullitt last time. All in all it was a great weekend.

I will post the video when it is uploaded, but here are some pictures:










Nice pictures Ken, thanks for sharing! I look pretty good out there. ;D

The weather was perfect for Saturday and Sunday with sunny skys, temps in the upper 70's to low 80's and a slight breeze. Couldn't ask for better conditions.

The white Boss was my instructor, David Thackery. I got to ride with him on one session and he can really throw that car around. Maybe some day I will be that good.
cloud9 said:
Looks good Ken 8) What's with the "runway lights" inside the curbing on the apexes ???

Thanks Gary! I don't know - this is the only track I have been on that has them. Maybe they are trying to keep people off the inside of the gators?

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