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Phoenix Boss 302 At Daytona...

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Awesome and nice work getting your two new cars together so quickly. Good luck this weekend and we look forward to seeing your cars on TV in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the TV schedule didn't get too messed up with SPEED going away.
Well that sucked....
Qualified 7th on the grid, hooked up with the multimatic car and Kurt was cruising in 3rd place, biding our time..then some clown in a compass 360 car went way high in turn 1, finally got it turned and shot straight down to the apex...where we were lapping him, took out the right front suspension and the car was parked, Preston (who ran over debris in qualifying and tore off an oil line) started last when the 32 car broke, Kurt went into the 35 car on a driver change (I know, I made the banzai run through the paddock in the golf car to get him, after he was just short of beating the IMSA guys to death in the pace car...suv? whatever.. to get it to stop so he could get out) they finished 15th but had the splitter torn off earlier..the car was painful to watch on the bank w/o the splitter, no amount of drafting was able to overcome it so that's about it. Kudos to multimatic and racer's edge I'm not sure where they finished since the "official" results aren't posted yet since the race winner may have been dq'd.
The cars were rockets and very dependable, I'm pretty sure you can run a Boss 302 without any oil in it, and they both took some hits.


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You guys looked great out there. Kurt seems to be a real hot shoe. There was a podium there for the taking, too bad about the incident with lapped traffic. I was amazed at how he was pressuring Buford. Keep the faith good things are coming. See you guys at Lime Rock.
blacksheep-1 said:
BTW noticed the "Boss Mustangs Online" stickers...Joe must have said yes I take it!
Yes he did. You could see them on TV too when you stopped the action. 8) That was very nice of Joe to install them. I tried to find some photos of the Phoenix Bosses from the race but couldn't find any. Please post some or a link if you have them.

It was great to see the #32 car running so strong in third place. From what I saw I think Phoenix is going to have a very competitive year. Rob will the team make the trip to Laguna Seca? If so I'll have to make it to the race and say hello.
We are going to runt he full season, FWIW there were quite a few BossMustangsonline guys at the Audi track day when we were testing, I asked Joe to talk to them. told them you were all rabid Ford fans, so maybe that helped.


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And unfortunately NO I did not get to see the race as my DVR pre-set recordings from last year were wiped out with the race channel shuffles as SPEED disintegrated :(
The pics of the 32 were right after the errant rice burner bounced off of the spindle (while we were lapping him)
Here's a pic of Jan the fuel Man
the new car (35) has a single inlet fuel line so we don't have to open the trunk


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