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Phoenix Performance S550 At SCCA Mid Ohio Runoffs


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Assuming that "PhoenixBoss302" is Joe A...

Can you tell us more about the car? It certainly looks great.
What were the build goals and targets for HP and weight before the SCCA restrictions? What tires are you able to fit on there?
Brembo pro kit brakes or ?

If you guys have more photos and info we'd love to see it. I'm contemplating a similar build down the road and trying to learn more now.
Pretty much all Ford Performance parts and if it's a coil over (I had 9 cars, so I can't remember them all) it had Penskes

Yes Phoenix Boss is Joe A.
Sorry everyone but i missed the requests for more info...

I will try to do better..

This was a ground up build from a body in white we purchased from Ford. it was an exercise to see what the s550 platform could do..

We were quite impressed...

Here are some details that i can quickly recall

Penske shocks
Ford performance suspension parts out of the catalogue
Stock oem engine with no mods
Ford racing oil pan
Stock trans and diff
Exedy clutch
one piece driveshaft
Fuel cell
421 HP and 400 torque with 100 octane calibration using HP tuner. No restrictor
restricted with 53 mm plate it made about 350 hp.. Sad to have to throttle it back.
6 piston Brembo brake setup.
11 inch wheels
Hoosier 295 X 18 A7 tires
open exhaust with resonators...

we sold this car, but will build another one from the 2017 platform in the next few months..

I loved the yellow color.. Sharp car.

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