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Picking up my Boss tomorrow

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Howdy all, sorry bout the silly name but I used to have an Evo MR and always use the same screen name so I can remember it :D

As the title states, picking up my PW Boss 302 tomorrow. Been chasing one for a year, local dealers refused to order one unless I paid ridiculous markup so I just waited for someone to back out of an order. I originally wanted a Kona, but don't like the white stripes and roof, and eventually decided pealing the stripes and painting the roof really isn't something I should do to a new car of this cost, so I went with the white which I like even with the black accents. I have a Spec E30 track car I built so the Boss will mostly see street duty plus the occasional TT or fun run track day. And white matches the truck I drive working, so they will look good in the driveway.

So is there anything I should look out for as far as common issues? With the Evo, there was a whole host of common problems but mine ran perfect even with a lot of track days.

How much oil loss should I expect? The E30 has a 220k mile motor so it uses a lot, the Evo burned a little at the track. My bro's M5 drinks it. Just wondering on a baseline, both for street use and on the track.


Good choice in color. I just clicked past 2K on mine and have yet to see any issues but I am not very picky with little problems. Are you in SoCal?
Congratulations and welcome to BMO. Nothing to worry about but check the oil and the lug nuts when you get it home. The cars have been drinking about 1 quart of oil in the first 1-2,000 miles. The lug nuts should be at 100 ft. lbs. Good luck!
Issues? Be prepared for a huge, hard to remove, grin on your face ;D

When will you install TracKey?
Boss 302 delivery and drive home = a key life event. Won't ever forget it. Still remember it like it was yesterday. Welcome to the gang!
ArizonaGT said:
Common issue is your wife will be jealous as you spend all your time in the garage staring at the car or are out driving it...

No wife, no problem 8) And my GF works for the NHRA and is more excited about the car than I am. She wanted me to get the SRT Challenger with an auto so she can drag it, but she has come around on the Boss.

I'm in NorCal, down the street from Stanford. My bro's friend has a Boss, I had pretty much given up on finding one until he invited me over to see his and then I started looking again. Not many available around here other than the orange ones, which his is.

Going to call around about getting Track Key done next week, bro's friend has it and it is a must. May take it to the opening NASA track day at Infineon, I was going to go in my racecar but the Boss needs a proper break in and I can't think of anywhere better. Well, maybe Thunder Hill, but that will be later in the year. 3x the power of my racecar, it should be interesting.
Almost forgot, anyone done the free trackday thing at Miller? Is it worth doing? I have a fair bit of track experience, albeit in a 300 hp AWD and a 150 hp RWD, so if it is mostly just a lecture on safety and some parade laps then I'm probably not going to do it.
CaliMR said:
Almost forgot, anyone done the free trackday thing at Miller? Is it worth doing? I have a fair bit of track experience, albeit in a 300 hp AWD and a 150 hp RWD, so if it is mostly just a lecture on safety and some parade laps then I'm probably not going to do it.
Yes it's worth it. The day you receive delivery you should start working on setting a date as they are tough to come by. The instructors are some of the guys involved with racing the Boss and it's great for a beginner like me but maybe not as much for a seasoned veteran. Ford and MMP do a great job and it's a wonderful experience. If you go think twice about the second day though. Ask Cloud9 about it. BTW I'm in NorCal outside Sacramento and will be going to LS, SP, and TH this year.
I think the BTA is a no brainer, other than the travel cost. I'm scheduled for late Aug. BTW, I'm also in the San Jose area
I'm going to try to set it up the same day my bro's friend goes. He is trying to set it up the same weekend they do the bike school there so his kids can go with him and do the bike school.

You norcal guys, we should do a track day together. I mostly go with NASA as I'm working on my license for Spec E30 (very fun car on the track and cheap, I have 6k in mine and it is all done except the front half of the cage and some odds and ends). But I would definitely go with another group with the Boss. TH would be a lot of fun, tired of the big motor guys blowing by me on the straights. Time for some revenge.

My avatar is my spec car. Firechicken on the hood is a long story. Going to be hard to adjust to not having 6 points on the track, but I think I have my CG lock somewhere from my Evo days. They help a lot.

There she is next to my truck. Long day was long. My ride was hung over (he claimed sick) so he didn't show up until 1 PM, he then sat on my couch an hour drinking water, then we hopped across the bay to pick up another friend who wanted to come, then got to the dealer about 3:45. Paperwork was mostly painless, except writing the check. Caught the last 3 minutes of the Niners game. It was an exciting 3 minutes. There was not a single person not watching the game at the dealership. Then took my ride and his GF out to dinner to thank him for taking me on the 150 mile round trip, just got home and it is almost midnight. On the plus side, I got to 100 miles so I can do prolonged WOT now :eek:

Love the car so far, the clutch isn't as friendly as the GT but everything I love everything else about it. The seats seem to sit higher than the GT, didn't notice when I rode in one a couple weeks back, so I am going to have to lean them back a bit to fit my helmet for the track. Awesome car. Feels like it is hewn from stone compared to my old Evo or the E30 racecar.

I found this in the glove compartment, nobody at the dealership knew where it goes. Anyone know?


Oh and she is number 2362

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
CaliMR said:
I found this in the glove compartment, nobody at the dealership knew where it goes. Anyone know?


Oh and she is number 2362

Congrats! Not sure where that goes...I don't have one. Does look like a faux gas cap replacement. How big is it?

And if there was a Cali Boss event somewhere closer to would be nice to see a whole parade of Boss cars! Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, maybe?
It is a little bigger than the mustang emblem on the steering wheel but not as big as the faux gas cap. I thought maybe gas cap, but they don't have caps. There are two sets of bolts for it, one stainless and one black. It seems to be plastic with metallic coating. I tried googling it but can't find it. May send an email to Ford and see what it is, if nobody here knows.

Was I supposed to get anything with the car other than the books, 2 keys, and the floor mats? I saw here that there is a packet that you get in the mail.

SoCal meet up and track day would be fun, I haven't done any of the southern tracks but my bro does Streets on his bike a lot. Probably too tight a track for the Boss, from his description, but they have a road course too right?

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