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Recaro seat break


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Are we sure those are Recaros and not some Taiwan or China Knock off?
They looked like they were ready to break before the accident. Roll cage and fixed FIA seat with halo protection and HANS device. No more fooling around next season. Cage will be going in this winter.
I don't see how one can make any connection with what you see in the video to the stock Boss Recaros (and those in the GT500, and GT w/ Track Pack).

From the video you can't exactly tell if they're real Recaros or not...indeed, they could be some cheap knock-off brand (of which there are plenty out there), and you can't tell anything about how well (or poorly) they were mounted, if they were modified, etc.

Ford no doubt spec'ed the Mustang Recaros to survive rigorous crash and impact safety standards, and crash tested the bejeezus out of them before approving them for use in the Mustang. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
GUys i mad it clear from the start these are Factory fit seats not aftermarket or cheap copies or i would not have posted it on here

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