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Recommended Differential Cooling

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In the 2013 Boss 302 LS supplement, it recommends a rear differential cooler if you plan on running the car on extended track runs. Does anyone make a kit to specifically fit the 2012 or 13 302 or has someone installed one and can share what they did?
this might answer your question

i didnt go through the thread, but it might lead you to your answer.
Unless you're doing longer than 30 minutes sessions it's probably overkill. If you want one contact Rehagan Racing.
Looks to me like you can go on ebay and buy everything to do it your self for under 400 bucks pretty easy and the stuff looks good. There is no thing special of these coolers it is just like a small radiator some with a fan some without a couple of lines and a pum anything over 400 bucks is a waste of money.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'll start with the Bobs Auto Sports Oil reservoir and if I intend to get anymore serious than weekend track days, I'll start looking for a cooler.


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Bill - anything over that reservoir is really overkill unless you are doing some heavy duty wheel to wheel racing. I answered your PM, consider Redline in the diff. I swap it out every couple of months to keep it fresh. I also replaced the rear girdle with this one, it has a filler hole and additional supports for the bearing caps:

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