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seiban carbon fiber??

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does any one here have experience using these parts? i am looking at a hood. just to break the norm of having to go the tiger hood route.
i have been looking at them and they seem to be where i want them to be in quality.
but looks are not facts…can any one tell me if there are issues i need to be watching for?
i have never bought anything from these guys.

Hello, not on my mustang, but on my 08 sti, had their hood and trunk. Trunk supported the weight of the heavy back glass. No problems with either of their products, tracked the car regularly. Fit and finish were great.
I understand the want to be original and I may be wrong, however I would assume the end all be all hood for tracking our cars would be the Tiger hood. I am not familiar with the rules for the World Challenge series but I believe all of the cars run the Tiger hood, that may be because there is nothing better on the market or because they have chosen that to be the hood used for the series but I am inclined to think the former.


I have a Siebon Faux CF hood on the rice rocket. Fit and finish are very good and it was lighter then the OEM hood but as it is fiberglass with a CF top layer it is still heavy compared to true dry CF hood.


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