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Sonoma on July 3rd With Hooked on Driving

Anyone planning on going to this track day? Sonoma is always nice in the summer time. Looks like me and a couple of other members are going. I've got a garage so if you're going and get a garage let me know and I'll make sure we're parked next to each other.

@Yopauly B group, garage
@VoodooBoss B group and sharing a garage with Yopauly.
@gojimjoyce B group
@moto D group, Garage and sharing with Charles
@Wingrider Just hanging out at the track
@byronj A group, garage
@tetstang D group, garage
@Dimo A group, sharing a garage with Byron, on wait list for B
@Trakdze C group
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I plan on being there. I usually get a garage with 2 or 3 other buddies. I'll let you know.
It was good seeing you at Colin Bach's event.
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I will be attending this, and up for getting a garage or sharing one. I’ll be running in group B. Probably be purchasing in the next week, or two
I'm registered in D Group. Also got a garage I'm sharing with a buddy. We're usually down by the bathrooms. Pretty sure two other Mustang (FR500S) pals will be there as well.

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