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Surging acceleration or something like that...can't explain it.


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Ok, so maybe it is just me, maybe I gotta get used to having a street legal race car. Can't really explain it but I can feel it. During normal acceleration, there is a very, very subtle surge feeling. Not quite a miss fire and not something I am sure "non-car folks" could feel. BUT, it does feel very strange to me when pulling away from a light. The only cure is a 1/2 throttle or more application. Kinda feels like the car is telling me, "you're driving me too slow, let's step on it son!"
Anyone else notice this?
Kind of a light throttle pulse when it's not quite warmed up. I get it in the morning, hammer down, tires smoking, goes away instantly.
I have had an actual surge in a parking lot when she was not yet warmed up. I was in 1st and let off for some pedestrians and the damn thing suddenly surged for half a second. I thought I was going to run them over. Just make sure you let it warm up first. Besides that, I have felt like the engine has a notch in the power at half throttle. Always seems to happen mid rpm range. Could be the computer catching up saying "oh, now I see what you are doing, wink".
WinterSucks said:
Always seems to happen mid rpm range.
Guy at Summit said he felt something similar and I believe Pufferfish was there as well, happens to me around 3k, maybe it is the valve timing.
I feel a very subtle surging at lower rpm's when accelerating lightly. Its usually only with the silver key.
byronj said:
Take off in 2nd when your just crusiing around. It'll go away.

Totally agree. You don't need first gear at all cruising around town. Take it easy until the engine and Trans warm up. Hell, I use second out of my garage and the thing idles at 7mph.

Grant 302

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byronj said:
Take off in 2nd when your just crusiing around. It'll go away.

This is what I do. Annoying, but I think it's in Ford's warm up side of the tune +3.73s. I often have the issue cold in either the Boss or GT with the ProCal tune. In the GT, it seems to be worse when I have the Boss Recaro in the car. I think it's because it offers a little less support under acceleration I feel myself sink backwards into the seat and my foot slightly comes off the gas. Could be my imagination.
I have felt the exact same thing. Thought it was an issue at first, but as I get more used to it, it concerns me less. Who knows haha.
I have a surging problem too,I figured it out,it's an involuntary action my foot makes when I get behind the wheel of the boss.Love the surge all the way through the gears. Just joking,sounds like a fluctuation in gas supply to the engine to me. Have not noticed it in my car yet.

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