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The first Real Ride this morning

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So I only had 136 miles.

I live in a pretty killer part of Florida - Land O Lakes to be exact. This area of west central Florida is known for really nice motorcycle roads. I decided that I would get up early today and ride one. I have heard great things about the "Green Swamp Loop". It seems that every Saturday or Sunday there is another group of bikers meeting to head up that way. I plugged the route into my Garmin and headed out.

Wow. I drove 156 miles this morning taking about 3.3 hours to complete the loop. I was constantly going through the gears, engine breaking, down shifting, getting on it to 4000 rpm in the straight to get the rings seated. There was not a car in sight. I had the entire trail to myself short of some Goldwings and a couple of BMW bikes.

I cannot believe the balance of this car. I also cannot believe how insignificant it feels at speed. My daily driver is a 2010 4Runner. Trust me when I say that you KNOW when you are going 70 MPH in that thing. I did 80-85 on a couple of back roads today and it felt like I was going 40.

I was so concerned about spending 43k on a "mustang". I was so concerned about buyers remorse. After today's ride I don't think that will ever happen.
ArizonaGT said:
Just wait until you take it to 7500
Yep. No need to wait you can take it to the promised land now. ;D

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I had a similar experience...twice. I ordered my Brembo GT a week before the formal announcement on the Boss. I still took delivery of the GT because I thought, 'I don't need a Boss...' and didn't want to wait. I was so impressed with the GT compared to my stock '03 Cobra right off the bat driving around during break-in. Through the next year, with all the press and coverage of the Boss I had to wonder how *much* better could the Boss be? A year after I took delivery of the GT, the prices of the Bosses had come off their highs and I had to find out for myself...Glad I did, and I have no regrets too!

Welcome to the club!
;D With just over 200 miles on my car, I took it out for it's first real "outing" today. Ran it up to over 6000 RPM a few times. Having grown up with big-cube, high-torque, 5200-red-line Oldsmobiles, I have to say that this high-winding business is a lot of fun. I've had a few other S197 Mustangs, including a GT500, but they're nothing compared to the Boss. This car is much more planted and much more responsive. I replaced the exhaust restrictors with 1/2" versions, and the snarl at WOT at 6000 RPM is awesome. This car is going to be sooooo much fun!


I've been a life long camaro guy. First car was a '78 rally sport. I got halfway through an article on the boss in some magazine and have been "all in" from that point. Had to have it.

Never did finish the article.... :D

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