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The Ford Maverick will soon be a Compact Pickup Truck

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Bill Pemberton

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No argument on the benefits of Diesels, I had three in the past and they make pulling easy , but I have really enjoyed my Ram W1500 CrewCab as I get 8-11mpg pulling my 26 footer and regular is so much cheaper than diesel. The diesel advantage with a 28 ft enclosed trailer or above is probably the only way to go. I was just letting some folks know that many of the current gas models are stronger pullers than those 4-7 years ago. I think doing one's homework on trailer towing capabilities is key, but a Ranger pulling a Mustang on an open trailer is a likely compromise for many trying to keep costs down?

Going from friend's experiences ,you are very correct on the earlier Ecoboosts , but both the it and the 5.0 have seen significant improvements in the past years. The 5.0 is proving, year after year, to be a Blue Oval Star, running 400 HP and over 400 foot lbs of torque, basically equal to it's competitors with bigger V8s.

With the distances you yank your trailer around I would agree your Diesel is the way to go, just trying to give folks some options and suggest they look up the new capabilities.
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IMHO......I will always pick a 2500 first. I could live with a 1500 ( if there was no 2500's left on planet earth ) , but no way would I choose anything lighter than that for towing a car hauler.

I'm not a fan. I understand they have to play to the available market so it is what it is. Honda Ridgeline has transmission overheating issues so if Ford can overcome that they have a chance to take some of that market.

I'm not a fan of the new electric F-150 either. Mach E is cool, although I put a circuit in a guys house the other day (240v) so he could charge faster, its still only 20 MPH on 240v circuit. Couldn't imagine taking it on a long trip.
As much as I love my 99 F250 CC 4x4 Powerstroke with the six speed manual, I'd get a gas engine if I bought a new one. The cost difference with the diesels buys a LOT of gas. But, I've had her since new and recently rolled over 300,000 miles and she still runs great.
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I would recommend you rent a F250 gas burner and tow with it prior to making that purchase. I have and it completely sucked. I spent almost twice as much money on gas as I had previous diesel rentals. The slightest change in grade caused the gas burner to drop 2 to 3, and sometimes 4 gears (10 speed) to traverse the hill...small hills. My 2015 F250 6.7L (6 speed) rarely drops gears unless on a steep incline. I fully understand staying in the optimal rpm/powerband, but the 7.3L gas burner was continually chasing gears and just doesn't have the torque like the 6.7L diesel.


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I pull a RV trailer with my F150. Trailer ways approx 8500 lbs loaded. 2018 F150 SuperCrew 4x4 EcoBoost 10spd 6.5' box Max Tow XLT. When I bought the truck my only intention was to trailer the Mustang. Then we bought the trailer. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this truck pulls the trailer. Trailer is 30ft long hitch to bumper, the body is 25ft. I have pulled in mountains and stiff winds and the truck pulls fine. The only thing I miss is not having an exhaust brake for coming down the mountain passes. Mileage is all over the place, 6-10 mpg. The thing that surprised me the most was how well the truck pulls the trailer. I picked up the trailer in St George Utah and took the back roads over the mountains to Flagstaff AZ. The first pass I did was getting around a semi. I waited for a long straight stretch of clear road and then I pulled out and floored it. I surprised how quickly I got around the truck. The performance at altitude was one of the reasons I went with the turbo's over the 5.0. The mileage is good for the daily use and I knew it would suck the fuel when towing.
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