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Tiger Hood "Problem"?

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So I ordered a tiger hood last week and had it shipped directly to the dealer for paint/prep. Dealer just called me and suggested I come look at the hood before they even touch it. He said it was not a perfect hood and had some imperfections in it.

I have not gone to see it yet, but is this something you guys with the tiger hood experienced as well? Is it normal, or if there are problems should I contact tiger racing and perhaps try and get a replacement?

anyone have any advice or input.. I'll go check it out here in an hour or so. But would kind of like an idea if I just need to accept the imperfections or if they are bad try and get a replacement....

thanks !!
Which hood did you get, fiberglass or CF? I went with fiberglass since the CF hoods will have more imperfections, require more prep and still not look as good as fiberglass when painted. That said, most after-market fiberglass hoods will have some imperfections and require a fair amount of prep. I was fortunate that my fiberglass hood and my friend's (ordered two at the same time) came in great. The body shop said they were the best looking fiberglass hoods they have seen. Even with that, in the right light you can see a couple small waves, but hardly enough to worry about. In your case it's hard to say without seeing it or knowing what yours/body shop's expectations are ???
I also got the fiberglass. I remember reading your post stating how your body shop said they were the best they'd seen, and I guess I was expecting mine to be "just as good" :(
reakhavok said:
I also got the fiberglass. I remember reading your post stating how your body shop said they were the best they'd seen, and I guess I was expecting mine to be "just as good" :(
Well see what they have to say and how it looks to you. They may just be covering themselves in case the expectation is that it will look perfect like a factory aluminum hood. Do they have experience with fiberglass hoods? If it's really bad I would send pictures and contact Tiger to see what they say. They're made one at a time in a mold as far as I know and it's certainly possible you got one that didn't come out as well as it should and needs to be replaced.
ArizonaGT said:
I have seen some of these in white and some in black--can you order either way or were the black ones painted?
Not sure but I'm guessing the black ones were painted. He didn't give me an option when I ordered mine and they both came white.
Thanks Gary, im about to head over there and check it out. Im hoping it's not too bad and they are just covering themselves....

Paul Brown sent me some pics of the hood after its made and it was white.. so I assume if you saw some in black that those were painted.. ill update when I get back from looking at mine.
ok well I think it was a bit of a false alarm. The service manager made it sound really bad over the phone and I started to get worried. I just took a look at it, and yes it was white. There were a couple of very small very hard to see imperfections that you had to get it to hit the light just right and stare at it before you would even notice it.
So I guess all is right in the world again ;D


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I have my Tiger hood at my body guy and he too pointed out some waves and low spots around the louver insert. Also a cover your ass statement as the white gell coat is very good on the fiberglass hoods. I saw a couple carbon fiber TR hoods at VIR in February and the quality on those were really bad, but they weigh half as much and racers don't usually want to spend the extra dollars to level and block sand a race hood that may get trashed in the first corner of the first race. If you are concerned tell your body man to high build surface the hood and block it down, at $100/hr it adds up quick. Good luck with it and post some pics when its done.
Mine was very Wavy. The body shop did what they could but I didn't want to spend $$$$$. So, I'm ok with it because it's really light and it's a race car ;D

ugg OK, I am not a happy camper. My dealership called me just now after completing the prep/paint on my new Tiger Race hood. It does not fit. Its 2 inches too wide. an inch too short. The hood latch hole is on the left side of the hood instead of the right. One of the louveres/vents actually hits the air intake box and wont allow it to close all the way.. Ive emailed Paul Brown and awaiting a reply..

I'm pretty sure no one else has had these issues. Cloud9, did you have to mod your intake at all to keep the vents from hitting it?

Also what do you guys think about whats going to happen about payment to the dealership. They took time and labor/supplies to paint this incorrect hood, that I do not want to have to pay for. Should I be responsible? Should the dealership eat it because they didnt check the fit before payment? should tiger racing pay it for shipping the wrong hood???? ugg I dont even know where to go from here.

Jeff said:
that's awful. stupid question that shouldn't be asked but they didn't test fit before prep and paint?
Apparently not. I kind of assumed they would. They had the car the whole time, its not like they started painting it before I gave them the vehicle. They also called and told me to come look at the hood and its imperfections before doing any work on it. So I assumed they covered all the bases first. Im pretty sure if they try and tell me I have to pay twice im going to tell them they should of checked all that first...hope that works :mad:
Jeff said:
that's awful. they should have test fitted before prep and paint.
Wow I can't believe they didn't test fit it first. No modifications were needed on mine. It bolted up just like the stock hood. In fact I was impressed at how well it matched up to the fenders. There's going to be a lot of finger pointing going on here.......
In fact, if you think about it, how could they properly prep it if they didn't test fit it first? I would imagine you'd normally have to "work" some of the corners potentially depending on how everything lined up....... I'm not a body shop expert, but that sure seems to a "101" to me.
I'd say this is a Tiger issue. I've seen really poor fitting hoods (ie BMWs) but that thing is a mess. If it's not the right hood what is it for? And if it is the right hood it's so far off it should have never passed any type of quality inspection (hopefully they have one) and shipped to a customer.

Now Tiger isn't going to be happy it's painted but still the fitment is soooooo far F'd you'd think they have to do something. I'd get some better pictures and send everything to Tiger.

The no test fit is crazy though. Would not go back to this body shop.


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Did they send you an 05-09 hood instead of a 10-12 hood?

The reason I ask is because they've made all the 302S hoods as well as the number of customer hoods we've seen in-person and on the web, I'd find it hard to believe that they are having a gross fitment problem like you're seeing now unless they sent you the wrong part altogether.

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