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TracKey is here! Those that are installing - please post!

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OK, taking another shot at this. I saw the email about TracKey availability on November 1st and immediately contacted my dealer. They had it ordered within 30 minutes and I was told I'll have it by early next week I for one am really jacked about this. :D I can't wait to get it on the dyno to see the differences, but more importantly can't wait to put it to use on the track. 8)

For those that are planning to order TracKey, please post up. I know it has a snowball's chance in hell of happening, but I'd love to have at least one TracKey thread for those of us that are installing it and want to talk about its potential benefits versus being querulous. Just remember, none of the Chevy, Porsche or BMW boys have this!
Absolutely I will have it done!
Gotta go to Reno for a big gun show early next week, but will get the program when I get home. I don't run on a track with my Boss, and do not plan to do so. However, TracKey was one of the main reasons that I bought this car. It is wonderful to have the option of two programs in the Boss, just by switching keys. It is one of the coolest things that an American car company has ever done.

I think those who do net get the TracKey program will one day wish they had.

Jeff Quinn
Very likely getting it as well. In fact, I am looking for other Arizona Boss owners in order to try and get a "group" discount from a local dealer. So far I have two other AZ boss owners who are planning to go with me.
scheduled for install next tuesday. still a little concerned regarding how the warranty is being treated. FRPP is giving the same warranty all FRPP parts have when installed at the time of purchase with a new Ford. My concern is that if I use it once and then don't like it that if there is a future problem Ford will always have the fact it is installed and can't be removed to fall back on for an excuse not to repair. and I do not think it will void warranty past 3/36 just give them a long standing excuse regardless of whats going on.


Too Hot for the Boss!
Going by the dealer on Friday to order it... should have it installed next week. Drive it, make sure it's OK, then put it to sleep for the winter.
I ordered mine yesterday and have a scheduled install for November 2nd at 8am! I am completely stoked about this even if it is near winter and the car about to be put away.
SUPRMN said:
I ordered mine yesterday and have a scheduled install for November 2nd at 8am! I am completely stoked about this even if it is near winter and the car about to be put away.

I'm going to get it but gonna wimp out and wait for spring. :-\
My dealer is still trying to figure out how to order it. He says the issue is it's a Motorsports part number and they are not a Motorsports dealer. He realizes the Trackey is supposed to be installable by ANY Ford/Lincoln dealer and is just working on getting it ordered. I hope to have it installed next week!
I'm planning on ordering it but haven't had time to do it yet. Hopefully by this weekend.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Well, it's been two business days and my purchasing dealer hasn't emailed me back.

Sent an email to a dealer that Farmboy recommended, got a response back within 5 minutes.
Going to install next week Friday or Saturday. :)


Tonight, I just placed my deposit for a 2012 Kona Blue 500A with the Seats and Torson Diff. I am so excited. This car is just amazing.

I understand the TracKey purpose and the ECM reflash install procedure, and there is a recommended one hour labor charge from the dealer. However are there other cost to consider, i.e. cost of the key or keys? I have seen publications showing a set of two track keys, registration card, similar to a credit card. Any thoughts on total cost? One other question, I have also read that the balance of the 36/36 bumper to bumper warranty remains in effect, but have not found anything that addresses the 5/60 powertrain warranty. Any thoughts? I would think the ECM would record the amount of time the track key was used and other information as to top speed attained, duration, etc., that a dealer or factory service rep. may use in their decision process should a power train warrany occur. Any thoughs on the total cost and 5/60 PTW?

Thank you in advance for any information on this subject.
- dseator
I just got mine ordered...I think. I need to blow off some steam after a dealing with them. Nobody ever knows anything about what they sale. Found out that there is $102 markup from dealer cost to MSRP. Now hopefully they will get the "envelope" and I'll have it installed next Friday.
ordered, scheduled to install Nov 1, can't understand what the fuss is about on warranty. any other modification can immediately void the ford limited warranty on the affected part. with track key at least ford racing will pick up that warranty for 3/36, ask your tuner to do that

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