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TracKey: My Impression

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Just had my TracKey tune programmed today. The first thing I noticed was the increased low-range torque. Impressive. The shifter seemed smother, probably a benefit of disabling the skip shift. Idle lope was really cool. The transmission braking did NOT make it "un-streetable" as I was expecting from the reports of others, though it did make it backfire more significantly and often...awesome.

I haven't had a chance to check out the launch control. I will probably tinker with it some and really test it on a dragstrip. All in all it was completely worth the $400 I paid the dealer.


Relapsed Turbo Addict
Good to hear, mine goes in Thursday.

Have you noticed a big difference in either throttle response or steering?
I like the throttle responds but the decel get old in traffic. I've had it a few months and I still haven't tried launch control. For me I think it's more of a novelty then anything. It's fun on the back roads, I haven't been to the track yet, no time. But I will say on mine, I get more burble's and pop's from the silver on.
I have noticed more aggressive throttle response and the steering has more road feel,you can feel all the bumps in the road.It feels like my old 70 mach 1 more.


Kerry, San Diego
I would like to enable the track key but am not planning on doing so. The car is bitchin' enough as it is.

The reason is because I do not know how long I will own #1804. It could be 1 more year or it could be 10 more years.

If I decide to sell it in the next couple of years, it would be an easier sell with a powertrain warranty in effect.
The powertrain warrenty would be in effect. If something goes awry while your running with the trackey in the ignition then you have 3 years silver key you have 5. If I'm wrong about this someone else chime in, this is the way I understand it. I don't think you have very much worry about, the sky was falling about 12 mounths ago but it stopped.
I'm not sure what's effecting your steering but TK doesn't do anything to it.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying TK because I'm sure am. ;D The only time i don't use it is if I know I'll be driving in heavy stop and go traffic or a long fwy haul.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
yeah trackey doesnt effect steering. you can manually switch it to sport mode if you want.

I kinda miss the engine decel I love the way it crackled. kinda sounded like it was laughing at the other cars around it lol
I think TracKey automatically activates Sport mode on the steering, so if you drive in one of the other modes with silver you would notice a difference with TracKey.
Yeah, the TK doesn't affect/enable Sport Steering... However, if you set your steering to sport once, it remains in Sport until you change it to standard or Comfort... At least on my 13 it does...

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