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traction control

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I would say this is true. With traction control off, full power is going to the wheels. With full traction control on, I'm sure the system is pulling power to maintain proper control.


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In the quater mile, my 60 foot times improved .1-.2 seconds with traction control off.

Traction control does just as it's name implies. Control the traction. This is done by taking power out.

Turn off the traction contrl and times decrease. Tire wear....increases. You have to pay to play.
I thought I read somewhere in a recent article that you have to hold down the traction control a full 10 seconds for the traction control to be "fully" disabled. One tap and mine says traction control off. Two taps with my brake pedal depressed gives me "advance track sport mode". Holding the traction control off for 10 seconds does show traction control off as well, but I wasn't aware of the 10 second deal before I read it and don't understand the difference between the one tap and the 10 second hold.
I was confused at first too. Advanced Track is made up of two things - Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control.

They made the traction control easy to turn off, one tap, because you can simply turn it off if stuck in ice or snow (what ever that is).

Holding the button down while on the brake turns the whole Advanced Track off, the traction and the stability control. While stability control can still apply the rear brakes it is about keeping the car straight and not about the tires spinning. Hold for 5 seconds not 10.

The double click with you foot on the brake turns on sport mode. Both systems are still active but cut. I have been able to find out how much it cuts it back but I still use it on the track.

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