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Various Track Day Parts- Updated List and Lowered Prices

Decided to return my 13 Boss back to stock; all prices include shipping in CONTUS

1) Pypes SS cat delete pipes NIB - $90
2) Blowfish Fire Bottle Seat Mount - $75
3) 18mm rear sway bar with end links; used - $60
4) 06 Mach1's oil cooler bracket for Setrab NIB - $60
5) API braided clutch line, new - $50

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I believe the CC plates are J&M. I have the instructions in storage....I will get them this weekend and confirm. I am able to get -2.7. The Pirelli tires are 305....I think they are 660's but I need to confirm. and all my tools are in storage. I can only sell what I can get my hands on at the moment.


Papa Smurf
I'll take the wheels/tires... just have to arrange a pickup. I'm in CT, not too bad a drive. Some evening next week be ok?

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
I'll take the the 18mm RSB. Live just across the river and will PM you today for pickup details.
Thank you,
Check the thread by 06mach1 who made the bracket and sells it here. It was made for the 9-series but can be ordered for the 6-series if he is still making them. Mine is for the 9-series.

The Sparco with brackets attached, when mounted to the Mustang-specific base that I have, will then mount directly to your car. The slider will fit in between to allow you to adjust but doesn't have to be used.

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